January Challenge

So a few of us at work decided to create a team challenge. The rules? You can earn a total of 4 points per day by doing healthy things:
1 point for not drinking alcohol
1 point for not eating fried foods
1 point for not eating sugar (natural sugar and sugar substitutes are ok)
1 point for working out at least 30 min a day

Thus far, I’m 4 for 4 although I want candy so bad I just chewed on some vitamin C tablets. At least I got my vitamins :) Looking forward to popcorn later tonight.

The other big resolution around here? Kind of silly but since I’m turning 30 in April I’ve decided I need to weigh the same I did 10 years ago (also known as “30 is the new 20 and I have the body to prove it”), which means I have to lose about 10 pounds. This feels pretty doable if I make good choices like limiting my sugar (total cookie monster right here), cutting back on unnecessary carbs (did I really need that hunk of bread with dinner?), limiting my pizza intake (3 slices instead of 5!) and continuing to kill it at the gym. The January Challenge shout be a good kick start and hopefully I can shed 4 pounds by the time I’m lounging by the beach in early February.

This is my phone wallpaper to remind me where my priorities need to be.

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