Pin to Win

Lately I have become totally obsessed with Pinterest.  In case you’re living under a rock, it’s a site where users generate content either from their own personal collection or grab things off the internet to share.  Then other users can like, comment or re-pin them onto virtual boards.  When I was planning my wedding I created a lot of “mood boards” to help create the theme and feel of my wedding so I was already familiar with the concept of inspiration boards but Pinterest has taken it to the next level.  It’s now my go-to spot for all things internet.  Instead of hunting all over the web for something, you can hop on to Pinterest and search there.  I’ve used it for specific needs (sweet potato recipes) or just general browsing (new outfits). However, my favorite way to use Pinterest is for fitness motivation.  I love, love, love going on there and looking at all the pins under the Fitness section.  There are pictures of skinny ladies, recipes, quotes, workouts… so awesome.  Such a great way to get inspired to work out.  In fact, this afternoon, I was inspired by a cardio workout I saw on Pinterest and now I’m sitting here totally sore and I think that was definitely a contributor (that and Group Power). 
Anyway, here’s my Fitspiration board.  I love it.  Sometimes I feel bad for my followers because anyone who logs in gets to be bombarded with random pics of half naked ladies with flat stomachs and toned legs but hopefully if I keep pinning enough of those ladies eventually I’ll have the kind of body worthy of a pin. 

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