Minus 1

Last night I lost a point in the challenge. But, I didn’t lose it because I had no willpower, instead I decide to give it up because I wanted to have a fun, social night with my husband and friends. As much as I want to win the thing I also want to enjoy my life. And seeing as how I worked out every day and ate well I felt like it was ok to have a few drinks. Except that the few drinks turned into joining the mug club at our favorite bar. And then one mug club drink turned into two which then turned into playing darts at the bar down the street which then turned into a day where I really needed some coconut water hahah. But I did just get back from a 45 min walk so I’ve at least earned my workout point today. And I made it through a baby shower without the champagne and cupcakes. Now we’re off to Corvallis to watch TW Beavs play Stanford with some dinner at the Dream. Yum!


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