Living the Dream

So yesterday afternoon we randomly decided to head down to Corvallis for the Beaver Stanford basketball game. I love going down to Corvallis for non football games. In fact one of the best dates Chris and I ever had was when we went down to the Benton County Fair to watch Jake Owen.  But I digress…

Sunset shot from the car on the way to the game.

Anyway, back to last night, we decided to stop at American Dream for dinner.  This place is freaking amazing and the pepperoni + smoked Gouda is my 3rd favorite pizza ever. Have I mentioned that pizza is my favorite food?  #1 can be found at Dundee’s in Seaside, OR. #2 is Abby’s (anywhere). You could kind of say that pizza is like my kryptonite.  No matter how many times I tell myself that I can act like a normal human being and just eat 2-3 slices it doesn’t happen.  I inhale it and end up eating something ridiculous like 6 slices.  And it was no different last time.  I just can’t stop.  So good.  But then, this morning when I weighed myself (which I do every morning) I was up a pound from yesterday and not happy with myself.  So it really doesn’t matter that I got my 4 points yesterday.  I was still not happy with my actions last night so I made a new plan, to only allow myself 3 slices of pizza.  Wish me luck.

Pure heaven.

  Oh and side note.  The basketball game was awesome.  The game went into 4 overtimes.  But unfortunately the beavs lost by 2 with a missed 3 pointer to win the game.  Heartbreaker. 


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