Prepping for the week

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While I would love to do nothing else but focus on fitness, read blogs, write blog posts and workout, I have a real job so I have to be efficient with my fitness time. For example, I bring my food with me to work every day. It’s a huge money saver plus it allows me to stay healthy and know exactly what I’m eating.  But because I like to spend time with Chris after work, I tend to do a lot of my food prep work on Sundays. It’s annoying and sometimes I feel like it takes forever (roasting sweet potatoes feels like the most drawn out task ever) but afterwards I’m really glad that I did it so that in the morning I just grab my lunch out of the fridge and go.
I also always pack my gym bag at night and put it by the door. This way I always have it with me. I’m so fortunate to work for a company with amazing fitness facilities on campus, tons of classes and great work life culture where we’re actually encouraged to leave our desks and be active during the day so I get to get almost all of my gym time in at lunch. Tomorrow though, is one of the times where I’m going to get at least my cardio in before work. We have to leave work a little early to meet with our accountant and Chris won’t have time to work out during lunch. 
M – Thurs lunches
Our gym bags, by the door and ready to go.


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