How Bizarre

Like I’ve talked about here, I weigh myself every morning.  I get up, go to the bathroom, wash my hands, take my rings off (I don’t like wearing my rings when I’m washing/doing my hair) and get on the scale.  I can almost always predict when the number on the scale is going to be higher than I want based on how tight my rings are.  This morning, I couldn’t even get my wedding ring off.  This rarely happens.  It will be tight but I seriously couldn’t get it off.  I had to run my hand under cold water to get it to budge.  So yeah, I knew it was not going to be a good scale day.  Sure enough, I hopped on and it said 135.  Yuk.  Ruin my day before I even get it started.  

To me, the fact I’d gained 2 points over the weekend was a bit bizarre. I mean, I ate really good on Sunday surely the scale would reflect it?  But since it didn’t, I’m going to go ahead and blame the champagne, cider, beer, and pizza I consumed over the weekend (duh).  Waking up to mornings like this kind of suck but it’s why I get on the scale every day.  To help me realize I’m not to my goal weight yet and even though it’s totally ok to enjoy my fave things in moderation, I don’t have a magic body that will allow me to eat whatever I want and still lose weight.  But I do have the ability to start over each morning making good choices.
Don’t you wish you could have a scale without numbers?


2 thoughts on “How Bizarre

  1. I’m sure you take this into account, but if you’re on your period (or a little before and after) we have a lot of extra water weight (up to 5 pounds!). could that have been it? you’re so motivated – it totally inspires me! glad you started a blog :)

    • Woo hoo – my 1st comment. So it was a few days after my period which I wasn’t even thinking about. Normally I get bloated when I’m ovulating (about the week before my period) but this would have totally made sense because the numbers got better as the week went on and when I got on the scale this morning. Things seemed to have gotten back to normal. Weight freakout seems momentarily resolved hahah. Thanks for stopping by :)

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