Barre None

Yesterday I tried a Barre Fit class for the 1st time.  What is Barre?  According to the Barre3 site, it’s “where ballet bar meets yoga and pilates.” This seemed super appealing to me since I LOVE pilates, both mat and reformer.  Pilates has totally changed my body, got me in the most amazing shape for my wedding, and is now part of my knee physical therapy.  So I thought Barre would be great.  But it wasn’t. 


It definitely felt like a pilates hybrid class.  A couple of the moves were reminiscent of a mat class.  We used thera-bands for some resistance arm work, the ball for some quad and ab exercise but that was about it. It just didn’t feel very hard.  And I think that’s what makes it hard for me.  I love my pilates classes, they make me feel so good but in order to take this Barre class I had to skip my Monday and Friday pilates which I thought would be ok since I’d I was going to love Barre. Except that I didn’t.  It was ok, at one point my butt got a little sore when we were doing this leg series (similar to donkey kicks but leaning against the bar), but I was expecting a harder workout, something where I’d walk away thinking “man, that kicked my butt.” I’ve heard from friends who take Barre3 classes and they tell me how hard it was.  So yeah, disappointed but trying to tell myself it was just easy because it was the first day.  Until I went to pilates today…And my teacher asked me how barre was.  When I told her it just wasn’t that hard she said, 

“yeah, I thought that was going to happen but I wanted you to form your own opinion. You’re too advanced for that class.  You’ve been doing pilates for 3 years. Can you get your money back?


Um great, couldn’t you have told me that earlier, before I paid my $80? 

At my gym, most classes are free with your monthly membership fee.  The exceptions are Cross-Fit (you have to pay to go through an intense 2 week bootcamp), Pilates Reformer (you have to pay to get your passport with an instructor so that you know how to use the machine in group classes – I’ve had my passport for the past 3 years.  Best decision ever).  Barre Fit is another class you have to “pay to play.”  $80 for 4 weeks of classes, every Monday and Friday.  Now I’m out $80 with a class I really didn’t like and I have to give up my pilates.  No bueno. 

Technically you’re not allowed to get refunds for these type of classes but it is true that my knee was sore this morning, probably from doing squats in turnout.  I can do wide sumo squats but I’m thinking my knees don’t like them in a baby turnout.  Hopefully that could be my out to get my money back.  I know I could keep going and try another class but Pilates is a sure thing and with all my goals right now I think I want to stick with a sure thing. 

This is not me but it is one of my favorite pilates exercises to help my hips/knees (source)

Just to clarify again that I did not take a Barre3 class.  This was my gym’s version of Barre3.  I’ve heard Barre3 is amazing but I won’t pay to workout at another gym when I already pay a membership for mine. 


2 thoughts on “Barre None

  1. damn it! It really sucked? I signed up for the free try-it class on March 29th and am going to go because that one is free. My co-worker Brianna really liked Barre! And she is a tough cookie! I am bummed you didn’t like it. Was tammy the one who said you were too advanced? OR Tracy?

    • Of course it was Tracy. Probably just trying to get me to come to her class instead. But it killed my knees doing some of those plie squats leaning over the bar. I have a couple friends doing the Tuesday Feb. sessions and they feel the same way, like some of the moves are harder but nothing was really, crazy hard. But maybe she’s worked out the bugs now and it’s better. Let me know how you like it.

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