It’s Friday which means it’s Zumba day!

So I know that Zumba has been a craze for a while now. And honestly I thought it was some stupid dance thing for overweight old moms. But then I started reading The Fitnessista’s blog. Which I love. And she’s a Zumba instructor who raves, and raves about how awesome it was. So I figured I should probably give it a shot, it’s suppose to be a good workout right? Luckily, some of my co-workers go to Zumba every Friday at 11am and about 2 months ago I finally gave in and went with them. And guess what? I LOOOOOOVED it. I was absolutely horrible. I have no rhythm and can’t shake my hips/booty whatsoever. I didn’t know what was going on and spent more time standing, and false starting trying to figure out which leg stepped where at what point. But I made it through and couldn’t wait to go back the next week.

I’m definitely getting better every time I go. Well, better in the sense that I know the routines not necessarily that I look better. I try not to see myself in the mirror during class but on the occasional times I do, I shudder. All I see is this super gangly, stiff white girl who can’t move. But I have so much fun and by the time the hour is over I’m dripping with sweat.

I’ve found it’s a surprisingly good full body workout. You don’t realize it at first but there is a lot of emphasis on your quads and booty because you’re down low shaking it it so much. Zumba teachers are sneaky. They’re constantly working in all sorts of moves to target and tone various muscles (including lots of arm movements which provide great alternative cardio blasting options) and because there’s great music playing in the background you don’t realize how fast you’re breathing.

Our gym is closed on Monday and our teacher mentioned she’s teaching at another gym. She’s leaving passes for my friend and I to go take her class. So excited because it mean’s I’ll get to Zumba twice this week. If you ever get the chance to attend a class, I highly recommend it.

Here is an example of what Zumba is like:


And here is a great post by The Fitnessita focusing on Zumba.


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