No Tea for Me


We got some snow today and are expecting more tonight.  And of course, our furnace decides not to kick on this morning.  During one of the coldest days of the year.  Chris and I both went into work (roads were fine) but he headed home at noon to wait for the furnace repair guy. Turns out the furnace magically started working once he got home so he cancelled the appointment.  We’re good for now but who knows how much longer we have with this puppy.

Anyway, because he was gone my friend Amanda offered to drive me home and we left a little early to hopefully avoid any crazy traffic from the snow.  Which meant, I got home a little earlier than normal and got to crank through a few things at home.  I like working at home…nice and quiet.  No distractions.  I wanted to be cozy so I thought, “I’ll make myself some tea.”

Now, I should explain that I have tried and tried to like tea.  I know people love it and that green tea is good for you.  But for some reason, I’ve never liked any tea.  Except for Trader Joe’s peppermint green tea.  I like that one okay.  And today was no different.  I tried some French Vanilla tea.  Even put a little almond milk and honey in it.  But nope.  Still don’t like it.  I should have just made myself some coffee.

Lots of tea


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