Spicy Shrimp, Broccoli and Goat Cheese Pasta

I love shrimp.  It’s in my top 5 favorite foods of all time (pizza, shrimp, corn, cheese and peanut butter).  It’s my favorite source of protein and if it was left up to me I’d eat shrimp for dinner every single day.  We always buy the big, bulk bags of shrimp at Costco (not farm raised and not proud of that but it’s so convenient) and at least once a week have some sort of dinner with shrimp.

A few weeks ago Chris was out of town and that’s usually when I experiment with new (slightly weird) recipes based on whatever is in the house.   And initially I used kale (because that’s what we had) instead of the broccoli and sautéed it so that it was all spicy.  I loved it but it gave it a little bit of a weird texture which I didn’t think Chris would like so when I made it for the both of us I decided to sub in broccoli (which he isn’t a fan of either but likes better than kale)  for our green veggie. I was a little nervous the first time I made this for Chris but he loved it.  The trick is to get the brocoli a little over cooked so you can stir it all in together (it’s the texture of it that bother’s Chris).  I’m sure I’m losing some sort of nutritional value by doing it this way but at least it’s green and it’s a veggie.

Spicy Shrimp, Broccoli & Goat Cheese Pasta

Servings: 3

About 400 calories per serving (depending on how much cheese you use) 14 G protein

  • Half a box of whole wheat spaghetti/thin spaghetti noodles.  Check the serving size but one box should have 7 servings.  We split the box so technically it should be enough for 3.5 servings but what can I say?  I love this meal and eat a little more than I should.
  • 12 medium size shrimp, peeled and de-veined.
  • 1 large head/crown or 2 small heads of broccoli (could also use kale)
  • Olive Oil –I kind of  eyeball this
  • 1 tablespoon crushed red pepper flakes
  • 1 tablespoon garlic powder
  • 1 teaspoon cayenne pepper
  • 1/2 container crumbled goat cheese (should have about 4 servings in the container)


Mix your peeled and de-veined shrimp in a bowl with the crushed red pepper flakes, garlic and cayenne pepper.  Note – I like my food SPICY so if you don’t, dial down the amount of pepper you use.  I often keep dumping cayenne in until the shrimp turn red.  The hotter the better!  Add olive oil to the mixture, just enough to make everything stick to the shrimp.  Probably about a tablespoon.  Cover your bowl of shrimp (I just put foil over the bowl) and put in the fridge to marinate.  You could also do this step the night before to get them really nice and spicy.

Shrimp Marinade

Meanwhile…As your shrimp are in the fridge:

Pot 1:  Boil/cook your noodles according to the package.  Should take about 8-10 minutes.

Pot 2:  Broccoli.  Once you have your noodles cooking, rinse and cut your broccoli.  Because Chris doesn’t like the texture, I pretty much cut off all the stems so I’m just left with crowns and I chop them up really small. Grab a small pot, put about 2 inches of water in it and then place a veggie steamer basket inside of it. Put your broccoli in the basket and cover.  Make sure your lid covers to make a seal, you don’t want any of the steam escaping.   Put that pot on the stove, medium to low heat for about 3-5 min.  Test the broccoli occasionally and remove it from heat once it’s at your desired “softness.”  Leave broccoli in the pot for now.


When you have about 2-3 min left on your noodles, take your shrimp out of the fridge put the entire bowl including any leftover marinade into a medium size saucepan  (spray with olive oil if you don’t have enough marinade to grease the pan) and put it over medium heat.  Cook for about 2 -3 minutes until the shrimp are pink and cooked through.


While the shrimp are cooking your noodles should be just about done.  Take those off the stove, drain the water and put the noodles back in the pot.  Add your brocoli and shrimp including any leftover sauce in the pan.  And then pour in some olive oil.  I eyeball this but I’d say about 2 tablespoons. You want everything coated and easy to stir.  Then add in the goat cheese and mix it all up while everything is still warm so the cheese melts and gets all creamy.  I love goat cheese so it tastes amazing to me but you might want to use less (or more) depending on your preference. We each serve ourselves up a bowl and put one bowl away in the fridge for leftovers.




3 thoughts on “Spicy Shrimp, Broccoli and Goat Cheese Pasta

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  2. Made something similar to this using Wild Mexican shrimp bought at the local fish market . Instead of broccoli I used roasted red peppers and roma tomatoes. It was delicious. Love your sight!

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