Crack Clusters

So this weekend my friend introduced me to cashew clusters from Costco but I think they should change the name to Crack clusters because I’m seriously addicted. I mean, literally cannot keep my hand out of the bag. It started yesterday when I was hungry on the train. “Just 5, 1 serving, 150 calories” I told myself. And then I had about 15ish. Yup. About 500 calories. In my belly. Got home. Had more.

Then today I had a tough day and wound up in tears because of a couple different reasons and kind of just wanted to drown my sorrows in a bottle of wine or a bag of cookies. But I couldn’t (thank you January challenge) so I ate some crack clusters. So many that I can’t even make a reasonable guess. More than yesterday. A lot more. Whoops.

But somehow they made me feel better. And I’m ok with the fact that I just consumed more calories in 20 min than I did in the entire day. Sometimes you just need a good cry and some deliciously crunchy cashew goodness.




2 thoughts on “Crack Clusters

    • Yeah, I’m fine now :) Kind of just an emotional/irrational time of the month if you know what I mean hahah. I would die without Costo (although maybe that would be good and then I wouldn’t eat these).

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