Crazy for coconut

So normally I’m not a huge coconut fan at home but in Hawaii it’s a totally different story. Here, I just can’t get enough of it. I bought some coconut aloe lotion, coconut vodka and this morning I had a coconut latte which was seriously amazing. I’d never had one but a friend of mine raves about them so I gave it a shot. I ordered a grande nonfat one and made sure sbux cut the pumps from 4 to 2 (so much sugar in those things) and I’m thinking I could have had them cut it back to 1 and still have gotten the same delicious flavor. Loved starting my morning that way. Probably my only one on this vacay though. Sbux is so expensive and we have a coffee maker in our room so we’re going to pick up some non fat milk later today and just make out own from now on…sadly without the coconut syrup.

Ps as I got ready to post this photo I realize there is no “NF” listed in my milk box. Could I have been drinking whole milk? Maybe that was the reason it was extra tasty hahaha. Oh well, drinking whole milk might be better for me anyway since that’s less processed than nonfat.

Rounded out breakfast with an everything bagel and light cream cheese. Now it’s a day of pool laying followed by dinner in a town I can’t spell. Good times.



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