Don’t go chasing waterfalls

Well, unlike the advice from TLC, we actually did. We headed out on the Road to Hana, knowing that we weren’t going to go all the way to the end (I get carsick and Chris has already done the whole thing). However we did want to swim in some waterfalls a la Tom Cruise in Cocktail. Luckily we found 3. Chris swam in all 3 while I opted for 2. It was awesome. Then we watched an amazing sunset on the way back. Glorious day. Way more pics when I get home. This is just a sneak peek.

Ps I miss the gym! We’ve walked a ton but my body needs a serious cardio sweat session. Plus besides salsa I have had no veggies. Pretty sure I’ve just eaten bread and cheese this trip. Gonna be good to get back on the wagon next week.





3 thoughts on “Don’t go chasing waterfalls

  1. Very jealous. I’m from Maui so love seeing blogs of people who’ve visited. My favorite waterfall (I don’t know if you got there or not) but it is the hike UP from Seven Sacred Pools through the bamboo forest to the waterfall. Not a long hike (30 minutes maybe) but not many people do the hike either. Looks like a great trip!

    • We didn’t actually make it to that area. We went halfway to Hana and then decided to turn back. However we met quite a few people who did the whole Hana trip plus the seven sacred pools and loved it. We’ll definitely be back to Maui and doing the whole road to Hana plus the seven pools is definitely on the to do list. Thanks for the tip on the waterfall. We’ll make sure to do that next time. Maui was awesome. Loved the trip (minus a few days of bad weather).

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