Vacation workout

Today I worked out for the 1st time on this vacation. Not just a little walk – I’m talking like a for real, put on my running shoes and work up a sweat kind of situation. It felt great! Especially because last night I was about to lose it. We haven’t eaten horribly these past couple of days but waaaaay more carbs and way less veggies and protein. As I put my bathing suit on for the hot tub last night I felt more like someone on their babymoon. Except I was carrying a food baby.

So we got up this morning and were going to just hit the gym here. Surprisingly the Westin has a pretty nice one. Good amount of cardio machines, weight machines, free weights and a mat area. But when Chris said he was going to go for a run and meet me at the gym, the temptation was just too strong. I mean, how often do you get to run along the ocean? We went for about 30 min. Probably around 3 miles. The weather was perfect. A little overcast so I didn’t feel too hot. My knees on the other hand left a little to be desired. They certainly weren’t killing me but it would have been nice to have been pain free.

After the run we headed to the gym and did a little all over body circuit:

On the bosu ball (ball flipped over so you’re standing on the hard plastic part) with a set of 10lb free weights
– 20 squat + overhead press
– 10 lateral leg lifts per leg
– 20 dead lift + hammer curls
– 10 upright rows
– 10 (per leg) single leg deadlift + bicep curl
– 20 squat pulses

Off the bosu (same free weights)
– 2 sets of 20 sumo squats

On a weight bench:
– 20 pushups. 15 regular, 5 tricep (on your toes not knees)
– 20 dips (15 with bent knees, 5 with straight legs)

With a stability ball. (Laying with knees bent, feet on floor. Back on ball)
– 50 crunches
– 50 oblique crunches (elbow to opposite knee)
– 100 crunch pulses (really focus on lower abs and try and hold the contraction and pulse up. Don’t go all the way back)

And now we’re at the pool. And I’m cold. It’s overcast and windy but the sun keeps occasionally peeking through the clouds and I’m determined to get a tan.



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