We got back from Maui Thursday night (and promptly headed to Journeys with Chris’ parents). Friday we were lazy bums, trying hard to get back on PST time. We went on a 30 min walk but that was the extent of our exercise. Saturday wasn’t much better. Slept in, stayed in my jammie’s until who knows when, reading The Descendants. Went on about an hour walk. Made some tasty steak tacos (recipe to come) and then had date night and went and saw The Descendants (good but book was better).

Today I really was going to be productive. But then I spent time coming up with a good Valentine’s day present for Chris. And finally when I was all pulled together and actually ready to do something we had a minor plumbing emergency. Chris was going to fix our leaky shower head which should have been a simple fix except that the water valve was rusted and wouldn’t turn and we ended up with a shower that wouldn’t turn off. For at least an hour. But thanks to a smart husband, U tube videos and a chat with a plumber Chris was able to shut the water off at the street and get into the messed up shower valve. One trip to Home Depot and everything is now back in order. I’m thinking all those endorphins that started pumping as I listened to the longest shower ever count as some sort of exercise??

After that I ran to the store. Bought our groceries for the week. Came home to yummy leftover steak tacos and then I did my weekly prep work:
– Boiled a bunch of eggs
– Roasted a sweet potato and some beets. Tossed with black beans. Made only about 4 servings. I’ll have to come up with something else for Friday. These won’t be my main lunches, just a side salad.
– Created a new energy ball treat. Recipe coming soon but they’re good!




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