Workout withdrawls

Besides walks in Maui and my one day of working out I have not really done anything active since Feb 1st.  Crazy times.  Worked out every day for the January Challenge and then fell off the wagon. Hard.  But guess what?  It’s actually been kind of nice.  Sure, not very healthy for me.  I could totally use some good ol sweat breaking but it’s been a nice way for my body to revive itself.  My knees have especially appreciated it.  Little to no pain the past few days and it’s been so nice.  Plus, this morning when I got on the scale I weighed .2 pounds less than I did when I left for vacation.  My body’s thanking me I think :)

I wanted to workout today but ended up having a minor, minor medical procedure and my doctor told me to take it easy at least for today.  We’ll see how I feel tomorrow.  So I get one more day of relaxing before heading back to the gym.

For now, here’s a pic from Maui, where I wish I could be relaxing right now.



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