Daily Diet – by the numbers

I was talking with my mother-in-law recently and she told me she’s had some success losing weight by tracking her calories.  I mean, so simple right?  Weight loss is just calories in minus calories out so by looking at the amount of calories you’re eating every day and then subtracting what you lose through activity it should make it really simple to drop some digits.  Except tracking your daily calories is a lot of work.  I’ve jumped on that band wagon before and get all hopped up on it for a while then I quit because it’s annoying to have to figure everything out.  But I have realized that I overeat.  Not like a crazy, binge eating type of situation but more like I always eat more than what a regular portion would be.  So today, I tracked my entire day on dailyplate.com.  You can track it online or on your phone (there’s an app for that of course).  I prefer to go online to create my “meals” since I eat a couple standard things every day – protein shakes, sandwiches etc.  Then it’s super easy to update on your phone if you have your meals saved.  I get that doing this would be harder if you weren’t at a job it a computer handy but you could do it.

According to Livestrong/Daily Plate my daily calorie limit is 1,442.  That’s for a 5’7 female who currently weights 133 pounds, wants to lose 1 pound a week and is lightly active.  The activity level threw me off.  I would have put moderately active since I feel like I work out a lot but in the activity descriptions it said moderately active people are on their feet 6+ hours a day doing jobs like waitressing… I walk around a lot but for the most part I’m pretty much at my desk.  So I picked light.

My Daily Plate

At this moment in time I currently have 199 calories left before I’ve gone over my goal.  Normally I’d be super pumped.  But I had a little bit of a crazy day and just really need a second glass of wine next to my left hand.  Which would still be within my calorie limit.  But I also see the bottle sitting next to me on my right and it looks like there is just enough left for a perfect 3rd glass (Chris also had some of this wine, I have not had the entire thing myself).  And I kind of feel like it’s just asking to be swallowed.  Like it’s telling me if I drink it, the nuttiness of this day will just wash away…

What I brought to work today

Smoothie for breakfast (285 calories)

Pre-workout snack was three of my iron/protein balls.  Approximately 180 calories and 10 grams of protein.  Workout was 45 min on the elliptical for a total of 432 calories. My knee was bugging me so I did it level 1o with an incline of 1.  Kicked my booty.

Turkey, cheese, mustard + pickle sammy (318 calories)


Mid afternoon snack (1 egg + 1 egg white) 66 calories

Turkey Spaghetti - light on noodles, heavy on meat + sour cream (I love a tiny bit of it on pasta with red sauce) 540 calories

Stress relief. Calories: TBD :)


So there you go.  There’s the day. Some of these calories might not be totally correct since it’s all from The Daily Plate but I hope they’re pretty accurate.  144o seems definitely doable.  Maybe even too much because besides the fact that I really shouldn’t have a 3rd glass of wine, I don’t feel deprived at all.


2 thoughts on “Daily Diet – by the numbers

  1. This is exactly the kind of post I like to read! What you ate and the calories:) haha. My trick for sour creme is using greek yogurt. It tastes pretty much the same and it’s guilt free! There is tons of protein in it too. I like the Zoi brand the best! Get the full fat kind—the fat free doesn’t taste as good and I’ve read its not even worth getting health-wise.

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