Cooking with Chris – Spicy shrimp pasta with kale & red peppers

I have quite a few updates to post on here:

  • My family came down this weekend and I gorged on ice cream with my dad and sister (sweet teeth have to be genetic).  So bad but so good
  • I tried out some new recipes that were not what I was hoping for.  A new lunch and a protein bar.  I’m hoping that they’ll magically taste better tomorrow when I eat them.  We shall see.
  • Ever since we got back from Maui (and let’s be honest, even during Maui) my diet and workouts have been lackluster.  I feel gross and unhealthy so tomorrow I’m refocusing on fitness and generally pulling it together.  For real.  My 30th bday is just about 2 months away and I want to feel fantastic about myself. Better get to work.

But right now I want to talk about my dinner.  Chris made it.  Hence the title.  And I took pictures.  The base of this recipe is Shrimp Arrabbiata aka angry shrimp or spicy shrimp.  Here’s the original recipe.

Cooking with Chris

Here’s how we do it:

Start with the noodles.  We use whole wheat linguine.  The equivalent to 1.75 servings (I know this is weird but that’s how the math works out on the box).

Then make the shrimp:

  • 1 pound shrimp, peeled and de-veined.  Seasoned and cooked according to this recipe.

Then make the sauce using:

  • 2 tablespoon tomato paste
  • 1 14oz can fire roasted, diced tomatoes
  • 1 tablespoon fire roasted garlic
  • Italian seasoning and red pepper flakes to taste

Put everything in a saucepan on medium heat.  Bring to boil and then simmer for 5 min.

While the sauce is simmering cook the red pepper and kale in the balsamic and olive oil.  These go quickly so watch them so they don’t burn.  About 2 min.

  • 1 red pepper – wash, remove seeds and slice into strips
  • 1 bunch organic kale – wash, tear leaves off stem and into little pieces
  • 1 tablespoon balsamic
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil

Red peppers


Mix the shrimp, veggies and sauce together.  Pour over noodles. The sauce should make enough for 4 servings so save the extra and boil more noodles next time.

Love the color from the kale

I could eat shrimp for every single meal

Hopefully those shrimp aren't too angry



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