Arms of Steel

So Tuesday was cardio and a crazy legs workout thanks to Peanut Butter Fingers and yesterday was cardio and crazy arms.

My arms are my favorite part of my body.  I naturally tone up there faster than anywhere else and pilates definitely helps.  Here are some celebs with crazy, buff arms.  Madonna looks downright creepy (even though Jillian thinks she looks aesome) and Cameron Diaz got a little too buff for me.  Of course I love Jennifer’s and I think that Jessica has some pretty great guns as well.

Here’s the breakdown of the arm workout:


20 min on the elliptical – incline 1, resistance 10 for 10 min.  Then speed intervals for 10 min alternating 1 min each on level 7 (fast as you can) to level 12 (this was pretty slow for me).  I used the machine that had the moving arms but if you don’t have those, just pump your arms.

20 min on the treadmill – incline intervals.  With a 4.0 speed, start at incline 5 and up the incline by 1 every min or so until level 10.  Once you get to 10, go back to incline 5 and do it again.

Weights: Do this entire circuit straight through, 3 times

Using 5 lb dumbbells, 20 reps each

  • Front raises
  • Straight arm lateral raises
  • Bent arm lateral raises
  • Upright rows

Using 5lb dumbells, 10 reps each

  • bicep curls
  • Hammer curls
  • Forearm reverse curls

After I did the 3 sets of everything above, I ended arms this with some bent over rows – 3 sets of 15 reps using a 15 lb dumbbell and one set of 20 tricep dips on the weight bench.

I finished the whole wokrout up with some abs

  • 50 real sits ups
  • 100 roman twists
  • 25 leg lefts
  • 1 min front plank
  • 30 sec side plank (each side)

and finally, gave my legs a little burn with leg lifts for 60 seconds on each leg.


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