8 weeks

So my birthday is in just about 8 weeks. Back in January I made a resolution to weigh a certain amount by my birthday. Um since January I’ve lost about 3 pounds which is good. But that doesn’t quite get me to where I want to be. So now that I only have 8 weeks left its time to step it up. What does that mean? Diet clean up. I know I post relatively healthy things here but oftentimes I’m not posting the candy I ate after dinner or the multiple mugs of cider I had at Journey’s. So my challenge to myself is to pull it together. To regularly track my calories and journal my food and to do my best to hit my daily calorie goals. And to cut back on the amount of cheese (hello pizza and grilled cheese bites) and carbs (pretty sure I had pasta every night last week) I eat while increasing the amount of veggies and fruits. Basically stuff I should be doing anyway. Wish me luck.

No, today’s lunch was not a bowl of raspberries. It was quinoa, beets and black beans. With no cheese. Not too shabby.



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