Weekend Round Up

So I feel like this weekend has not been good on the whole “8 weeks left until my birthday I need to pull it together and get back on track plan.” Thursday  night we ended up at Journeys trying to kill some kegs.  Yes, I know this sounds ridiculous but basically you get a prize at the end of the year if you’ve killed the most kegs.  As in had the last glass/mug of beer before the keg died.  I have killed no kegs but Chris and our friends Dan and Cassie have killed a couple.  So yeah.  I managed to keep it relatively together and only drank about 2 mugs of cider (yuck even typing this out makes my stomach hurt), and between everyone else (and the bartender) we had about 13 – 14 MUGS of cider.

Friday I redeemed myself slightly and made it to Zumba.  I LOVE ZUMBA.

Friday night we stopped in a Journey’s before heading to Bushwhackers.  Bushwhackers is a country bar.  Complete with line dancing and live bands.  These are my favorite types of bars.  An entire evening of nothing but country music?  And I get to wear my cowboy boots?  Pretty sure you can’t get much better than that.  I did realize we have to take line dancing lessons.  I know quite a few actual line dances but Chris and I don’t know couple dances like the 2 step, west coast swing etc.  Bushwhackers offers lessons almost every night of the week so we’re going to make it a priority to start learning.

Saturday day I basically did nothing.  And it was glorious.  Saturday night we went to our friends engagement party.  Great to see all our friends and celebrate two of them and the awesome journey they’re about to embark on.

And today, it’s noon and I’ve still not really done anything.  Made some breakfast.  Had some coffee.  And while I would love to sit around and be lazy I actually need to do something active or I’ll die.  Thinking a Jillian and maybe some jump roping out on the deck.  It’s surprisingly gorgeous right now so I need to go take advantage of it.


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