Random thoughts on Tuesday including apples > oranges, childhood obesity and the challenges of curly hair

Inspiration – Loving these two quotes I’ve been seeing on Pinterest.  Being fit and healthy is a commitment.



Apples > oranges (remember that greater than/less than sign?  I still have to think of it as “the mouth eats the better thing”) – I usually always have an apple as my afternoon snack. But last week I had an orange and it was delicious so I thought this week I’d switch it up and have oranges as my afternoon snack so I bought a big bag.  Mistake.  While sweet, the orange just feels like less food.  Too juicy or something.  An apple feels like it has some substance.  But now I’m stuck with a big bag of oranges.  At least I’ll get my vitamin C

U.S. Kids still eat too much sugar – This article came out from the CDC yesterday. Well Duh.  Childhood obesity is out of control as is diabetes.  This does not feel like real news to me.  Now, I’m not a parent but I do know what type of parent I will be.  One in which my kids do not eat a lot of sugar. Sure, kids are going to want desserts, we all do (I’m super guilty) but I will do everything I can to keep the extra processed foods which have tons of sugars away from them.  And they will not drink soda. Actually my kids are probably going to hate me because I’m going to serve up every vegetable under the sun. With every meal.  All the time.  This article is just a good reminder of how parents need to clean up their act.  It’s not fair to kids.  You learn your eating habits primarily from your parents and they need to set good examples.  I feel bad for kids but then again I feel bad for parents who can’t afford good healthy food.  Now I feel like I’m getting onto a soap box.  I’m stopping now.

Green meals in March – The Fitnessista posted a bunch of things you can do in March including eat one green meal a day.  I’m all over this one.  I already eat spinach in my smoothie so I think that counts but I’m also going to start doing more salads for lunch.  Yesterday’s was delicious.  In fact, it was so good that I feel like my whole eating plan has been messed up. Normally I have a snack around 11, head to the gym and come back and eat my lunch at 2.  But I don’t really like my snack and I can’t stop thinking about the salad. Yesterday (and probably today) I ate my salad at like 12:30 and then headed to the gym.  Then I was hungrier than normal during the afternoon… All messed up.  I need better pre-workout snacks.

Green meal = salad

Hair – I have naturally curly hair.  Like crazy, spirals which I blow dry straight a lot.  I wore it really long all through high school and then cut it short after my freshman year of college.  I’ve kept it short for most of the past 12 years, with my favorite haircut of all time being the a-line bob a la Victoria Beckham.  It was super easy to straighten and I liked it curly.  But then I met Chris and when things started to get serious I started to grow it out, thinking I’d need longer hair for my wedding.  I grew it long for about a year and then 2 months before the wedding I cut it off.  I couldn’t handle it.  I didn’t like it curly and it took too long to straighten.  So I had short hair at my wedding and loved it.  I felt like myself.  Then after the wedding I ended up growing it long again.  Not necessarily on purpose, more like I just didn’t get it cut as often.  Plus I liked the pony tail aspect.  And it got long!  The longest it had been since college.  And I loved it straight, made me so happy.  But I work-out every day at lunch so all that time straightening it was wasted by about 1.  And if I did re-straighten it at lunch I was totally damaging my hair.  So on Friday I cut short. Not quite a-line bob short but chin length.  Now it’s super easy to straighten and even easier to wear it curly.  I tested out the morning straighten, lunch time workout yesterday and it was better than I thought.  It definitely got curly but more manageable at the shorter length.  Today I wore it au natural – with my crazy curls.  I do love it, and it’s so much easier.  But then I was looking at pictures today of it long and got a little sad.  2 years worth of growing it out down the drain.  Hopefully that passes.  Especially after I workout today and realize how freaking easy it is to get ready again.  I think being so active and working out at lunch time just doesn’t work well with naturally curly hair.  I just need to get used to it again.

From: Long & Straight

To: Curly Sue (horrible iphone pic this morning)

Spinning – I am tired of it.  I want to run so bad!  I have another physical therapy appointment on Friday and I need to be better about doing my exercises.  I’ve only done them 3 times since the last time I went.  I was all set to do the first half of spin & sculpt today but I just can’t.  I’m going to elliptical it up instead.

Fashion sense – I have none.  My favorite outfit ever is a white tank top, worn in jeans and flip flops.  In the winter, throw on a hoody and replace the flip flops with sneakers.  I just believe that I should be comfortable and luckily I can get away with dressing like that at work.  But I have felt like lately I should pull it together a little more.  Maybe get some black pants…Chris however is a super good dresser and very fashion savvy.  He’s by far the better dresser between the two of us and thankfully he’s always trying to help me dress like a grown up.  This morning he told me that an old co-worker he hadn’t seen in a while stopped him yesterday and told him how great he’s been dressing and that “Whitney must really be helping you step up.”  I was dying.  That would never happen!  In fact, I actually tell Chris to dress less fancy sometime.  Not only do I fail at fashion, I often make inappropriate outfit choices based on weather.  Like today (thankfully I was wearing a long sleeve shirt.  Yesterday I was wearing the afore mentioned hoody/tank combo) I walked outside and it was snowing.  And then I looked down at my feet.  Which were in about as close to flip flops as you can get while still having actual toe-covering shoes on. Luckily I won’t have to walk outside until I head to the gym in the afternoon when the snow will be gone.

That is snow around my feet.


One thought on “Random thoughts on Tuesday including apples > oranges, childhood obesity and the challenges of curly hair

  1. mmm I made the best salad today! Spinach with dried cranberries and cherries, walnuts, sliced fresh pears and white balsalmi dressing! SO YUMMY!

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