Sunshine makes it better

We have had some crazy weather here this week.  Snow Tuesday morning which turned into beautiful sunshine followed by what felt like an almost warm spring day today.  I’ve lived in the Pacific Northwest my entire life and I swear this has been one of the best (and least rainy) winters ever.  We just aren’t suppose to get these days where you can walk around without a hood.  I love it!  And I completely believe that sunshine makes everything better and everyone happier.  I actually heard some ladies at the gym today saying the same thing, that it feels silly but that they seriously feel better with weather like this.

It’s also made my nightly walks with Chance much more enjoyable.  Since Chris is sidelined with his foot injury, I’m on primary dog-walking duty.  Normally I rush through the walk as fast as possible because it’s either cold, wet, I’m hungry and Chance is acting like a crazy animal.  But this week because it’s been so nice out I’ve loved them.  Today I even changed things up and headed over to Alpenrose Dairy to check out the mini western town complete with ducks, a turkey, a cow and a horse (the cow and horse weren’t out tonight).  Chance loves going over there.  Totally obsessed with the turkey.

And back to the gym…  I would loved to go for a run today but alas my knees and my physical therapist feel otherwise.  Instead, I decided to do Mat Pilates at the gym farthest away from my office (we have 2 gyms on campus) primarily so that I could enjoy a nice 15-20 min walk outside each way.  It was glorious out.  I felt like I had an extra pep to my step.  Pilates was great.  My butt was kicked.  It amazes me how that class always seems so hard to me.  I love it.  After that I spent 25 min on the stationary bike and did intervals – 1 min at resistance 10-12 followed my 1 min sprinting at resistance level 6-7.  And in a super embarrassing moment, I banged my knee into the display thing and it totally started bleeding.  Luckily I had capris on but I had to keep wiping blood off my knee.  I didn’t get anything on the bike and I made sure to clean it off when I was done but I still felt stupid.  Like telling myself I really needed to stop and get a band-aid but I was kind of in the zone and didn’t want to stop.

Food was pretty good today.  Breakfast was my normal smoothie, lunch was my modified cobb salad, pre-workout snacks were my protein cookies, afternoon snack was an iced Americano with a splash of soy milk.  For dinner, chris made us chicken stir fry with broccoli, red peppers and pea pods.  Then I’ve been a serious sugar monster so I had one of our few remaining caramacs (chocolate, caramel, macadamia nuts) leftover from Hawaii.  And because I was still craving sugar made myself a little bowl of peanut flour, coco powder, water, honey and sea salt.  Sort of like a really creamy bowl of peanut butter.  Hopefully I can avoid any additional calories tonight.



2 thoughts on “Sunshine makes it better

  1. I love that Mat Pilates class:) I also love Americano’s with a touch of soy milk.
    I’m jealous Chris cooks for you sometimes! I’m going to have to talk Shane into that but I’m afraid it will turn into a high calorie/who knows whats in our food type of meal!

    • Hmm maybe you can start out by cooking together? Maybe go take a fun healthy cooking class together and that will inspire Shane to cook healthy things? Seriously it is so nice to have someone cook for you. I love coming back in from walking the dog and having dinner ready :)

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