FitReads Update

I feel like I’ve been neglecting the variety of articles I read about health and fitness.  I mean, that was the original point of my blog anyway.  To have a place to share and save interesting things I read.  So here we go.  A collection of things I’ve read about this week.

Is ice cream addictive?  The truth about fatty foods.  My thoughts on this?  Yes it is.  The more sugar you eat the more sugar you want.  This article talks about a study proving this.  I am horribly guilty of this.  The longer I go without sugar, the less I want it.  I need to get better about not giving into my cravings.

Essential Exercises for your lower body.  Squats, lunges, dead lifts, calf raises and more.  100% spot on.  The only one I’d add would be weighted step ups.  Can’t wait to get back to being able to do lunges.

Is almond butter better than peanut butter? Basically this article says there’s not really a huge difference.  Almond butter is better for people with peanut allergies but otherwise, just more expensive.  I love them both.  Lately I’ve been eating more almond butter but I don’t have any real health reasons for it.  I think the almond taste might be more mild  than peanut butter which works better in some ingredients.  However, I absolutely love peanut flour.  Can’t get enough of that stuff.

Bored of salads?  This has a couple new options for salads including a SW Quinoa that I want to try.

Is fitspiration any better than thinspiration?  This seems like a very, very controversial topic to me.  If you’re not familiar, thinspiration or “thinspo” is basically an anorexic term/movement that gets associated with images of really, really skinny women/models etc in the hopes that it will inspire/shame women/girls into losing weight either by not eating or other unhealthy methods.  Fitspiration is the movement associated with images of fit/buff/healthy women that are suppose to inspire women to lose weight/get in shape/be healthy etc.  On multiple levels this article spoke to me.  My aunt had anorexia and at 32 passed away from a kidney disorder that she ultimately got from being anorexic.  So eating disorders are a huge issue to me.  They make me sad and I would love to be able to make a difference in the lives of women, especially helping those with any sort of disordered eating condition.  I think thinsporation is horrible and I so glad that sites like Tumbler are putting some guidelines around the types of images that can be used.  I’ve seen “proAnna” sites (sites for/encouraging anorexia) and it breaks my heart.  I wish there was something larger that could be done to audit and remove these sites.  On the other hand, I had previously thought fitspiration is completely different.  I am on Pinterest all the time, pinning images and sayings that I find inspirational.  I am looking for images of healthy women who exemplify a muscular, lean body and act as encouragement to me.  Seeing examples of fit, and dare I say “hot” women help me realize I need to go to the gym or that eating 5 cookies would not be a good decision. But I have never struggled with any sort of eating disorder.  To me, I see pictures of really fit women and know that getting to look exactly like them would require a lot of hard work and dedication.  I’m realistic in knowing that while it would be absolutely amazing, I’ll likely never look like them and I’m ok with that.  For me, they are just reminders that being fit takes work and the pictures motivate me to stick to my goals.  But this article made me realize that not everyone is like me.  That people who do struggle with eating/body disorders may be using the fitspo images in a different way.  I hope that’s not the case.  I hope that women and girls pinning these images know that it’s ok if they don’t look like that.  That it’s ok to eat a cookie or skip the gym for a day as long as you’re primarily living a healthy life and the cookie you’re eating isn’t some processed sugar fake ingredient nonsense and you don’t eat a package every night.


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