Hopefully I can walk tomorrow

I headed to the gym this morning dead set on kicking my own butt.  I’ve worked out every day this week but none of my workouts really felt like a killer.  I knew I wanted to do cardio and weights but that was about as much as I had planned out.  I got there and sat down on the bike, thinking I’d make myself do 1 minute interval sprints for 30 min.  I got about 5 minutes in and was dying.  I just couldn’t motivate myself enough to get going.  I am so tired of the bike.  So I decided to get on the treadmill.  Not good for my knees and my physical therapist would yell at me for sure but I just needed to run.  So I did.  For 20 min.  With relatively no pain.  And then for the next 30 min I did 1 minute interval springs going between a 5.0 and 8-9.0.  It felt glorious (although not sure how much longer my knees could have handled).  And then I lifted some weights.

I’d read about this workout that the PB Runner posted earlier this week.  She did 10 rounds of 15 dead lifts followed by 15 push ups.  And judging from her picture did it with a huge amount of weight.  I was not going to do that much weight and not as many but I headed over to the free weights/weight bench with  dead lifts in mind.  Here’s how things ended up:

5 sets of 20 dead lifts and squats (that’s 100 reps of each if you’re counting) with a 35 lb bar.

In between those I did 3 sets of upright rows, shoulder presses and single arm tricep extensions with 10 lb free weights.  Also mixed in with those were 5 sets of 10 push ups on the bench – regular and tricep, 20 side bends with 15 lb weights, and 3 sets of 5 different bicep curls (front, hammer and reverse) with 5 lb free weights.  And because I did 3 sets of those exercises listed above and 5 of the dead lifts and squats, I added in a few sets of bent over chest flies with 5 lbs.

I realize that all sounds kind of confusing so here’s the order more or less.

3 sets of this:

  • dead lift
  • push up
  • upright row
  • shoulder raise
  • squat
  • side bend
  • tricep extensions
  • bicep curls (front, hammer, reverse)

2 sets of this:

  • dead lift
  • bent over chest fly
  • squat

And then because I still had to get my physical therapy homework in, I headed to the stretching area and did another mini circuit:

3 sets of 20 reps

  • 8 lb medicine ball chest pass (laying down, tossing it above my head)
  • full situps holding the medicine ball
  • clams
  • side leg lefts

I am sitting here super sore, wondering how bad I really will feel tomorrow but I loved it.  I love weights and sometimes I forget about that during the week when I’m doing classes.  I’m definitely going to try and work them in more.

As for the rest of the day – I’m feeling pretty good about things.  Breakfast was 1/2 a jar of overnight oats.  Lunch was a little random – the other half of the oats, dried apricots and some failed tomato/mozzarella slices (I took pictures but they’re not even worth posting).  Chris cooked dinner and we had our classic spicy basil turkey spaghetti.  So good.  Now we’re off to Journey’s (surprise, surprise) for a drink before we head downtown to my friend Stephanie’s going away party.  She’s moving to New York and I’m going to miss her here but she is going to have a blast on this next big life adventure.

Me tomorrow



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