Making Bread & The Skinny Rules

I think I want a bread machine. Check out this post from Mamma Peas at Peas and Thank You. It looks so easy and the bread looks so delicious. My mom had a bread machine growing up and I always remember how good that bread tasted. Plus I could be one step closer to totally eliminating processed foods from my house. I need to do some research on the best machines out there. Maybe someone will buy it for me for my birthday.

Oh and speaking of bread, last week Bob Harper posted on his Facebook his skinny rule #7 – no carbs after lunch. This caught my eye because I’ve heard this type of advice in a lot of diets. I feel like I’ve heard more about no carbs after 3pm or something like that but I could definitely see how the no carbs after lunch would be good. I’ve read things like your daily diet should be like an upside down triangle. Biggest meal in the morning for breakfast, 2nd largest for lunch and smallest for dinner. I do not follow this. My biggest meal is always dinner and it’s usually always some sort of carb heavy concoction – pasta, rice, grains etc. For me, my body does better with less carbs. To lose any sort of weight this is what I need to eat less of. I’m just not very good at this. I’ve been trying to be better about cutting back. Eating salads for lunch has been a major step in that direction and so far I haven’t felt deprived or anything. But anyway, this skinny rule of Bob’s is interesting to me. His book “the Skinny Rules” comes out May 15th and I definitely think I’ll be ordering it on my ipad. I’ll review it once I get it and read it.


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