1st outdoor drinks at Journey’s

This actually happened last week but I’m a bit behind getting things posted.  We headed over to Journey’s with Dan and Andy (Craig and Sunny joined later) for some drinks on the lawn.  Cannot wait for summer when I won’t need to wear a down vest while drinking my cava.

The Village

Dan & Chris

Trying to capture the stars

And because we’re on the topic of Journey’s, I should add that this week marks their 5th anniversary and to celebrate, they’re having events every night!  This place is going to be the death of me.  I mean seriously, how am I going to lose these last 5 pounds with this place?  It’s like our Cheers and now we’re regulars and I love sitting up at the bar and chatting it up with the owners.  Last night was mystery beer and cider tasting which we HAD to go to.  So we did.  But, I managed to make slightly healthier choices and ordered a salad with chicken instead of the usual grilled cheese and I only had a pint of cider instead of a mug.  Baby steps right?  And then instead of a second glass of cider I had a glass of cava.  Not sure if that is any lower in calories or sugar (probably not) but it’s in champagne flute which meant there was less of it than cider. So I guess I should feel sort of ok about the choices I made last night.  Better would have been 1 glass of cava but I can’t change the past, only make better choices in the future.

Workout plan of attack today?  Zumba.  In fantastic news, it’s now going to be offered during the day on Tuesday and Thursday (along with the Friday noon class).  I am so excited.

Oh and ironically it was a crazy snow storm when we drove into work this morning.  Funny that I post about a beautiful spring-like night last week and now we’re right back in the middle of winter.

Winter Wonderland. In March.


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