Madness in March

The view from my couch right now.

I love this time of year.  March Madness is by far my favorite sporting event.  It’s so fun filling out your bracket, trying to figure out what upsets are going to make the news and becoming the biggest fan of a team you’ve never heard of.  It was so difficult to get anything done at work because I (and all of my co-workers) kept getting distracted looking at the game scores.  I have two screens at work and moved ESPN to one and had my bracket on the other so I could keep tabs on how I was doing and who I needed to be rooting for.  We headed home a little early and now I’m laying on the couch watching games and surfing Pinterest.  Seriously, could the day get any better?  We had bread sticks and pizza for dinner and are heading to Buffalo Wild Wings later to meet up with some friends and watch more games.  Chris said we’re getting wings.  I say I’m not eating them if we do.  We’ll see who wins.

Workout today was pretty low key.  I did 60 min of cardio – 45 on the elliptical and 15 on the rowing machine.  I was borrowing a friend’s fuel band and trying to see which activity earned more fuel points.  I thought it was going to be rowing but turns out it was the elliptical with the moving arms.  I basically played around with incline and resistance for the 45 min.  My body is totally feeling it after yesterday’s weight workout.  Especially my arms.  They were dying having to constantly move back and forth.

After cardio I stretched and did a little medicine ball ab circuit: holding an 8 lb medicine ball, alternate 25 real sit-ups with 25 roman twists.  Repeat 4 times.

I took the day off tomorrow to watch more basketball so today is my Friday and I love it.  Acupuncture in the morning, lazy day of game watching in the afternoon, and then my friend Chelsea comes to town and we’re having a girls dinner night and then shopping on Saturday.  So excited to see my bestie!


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