Big deal – Chris let me put kale in his favorite pasta

Chris made us his favorite dinner tonight – chicken penne pasta.  Super easy, healthy and tasty.  He loves this dinner.  If I’d let him, he’d probably eat this every single night.  He was going to make it while I was at physical therapy and as I was leaving, I mentioned that we had some kale in the fridge and it might be good to toss it into the pasta (totally thinking he’d say no).  But he completely surprised me and said he knew about it and he’d been thinking about that or adding spinach.  I could barely believe my ears.  My husband who once freaked out when I put spinach in his smoothie is now voluntarily adding a green vegetable to his FAVORITE meal?? Crazy times.

I got home and sautéed the kale for him in a little olive oil and then he worked it in to the rest of the meal.  This is seriously super easy to make.  We grill two, plain, organic chicken breasts on The Griddler. Chop them up and add to whole-wheat penne noodles.  Add in about cup of some sun-dried/oil olive/herb mix (they sell big jars of it at Costco) and then toss in the kale.  We finish it off with some parmesan cheese.  Delish.

Kale. Yum.

Secret Ingredient

Chicken penne pasta with kaleChris was a little nervous to try it, worried the meal would be ruined but he said you could barely taste the kale.  That it changed the flavors slightly but not much.  And that he’ll be ok if we put it in there next time.  For me, I barely noticed it, in fact I would have put way more in but we’re taking baby steps here.


4 thoughts on “Big deal – Chris let me put kale in his favorite pasta

      • Yeah, definitely try it in pasta. I can barely taste it and love getting all the extra nutrients. I also put kale (or spinach) in my smoothies. You can taste the kale a little more than spinach but not bad. I still need to try actual kale chips! Love your blog by the way. Good luck losing the weight for your wedding!

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