This is what I’m doing right now

Sitting here on the locker room floor icing me knees. Why? Because for the past 2 days I’ve actually been able to run. Even though my knees, especially my left, are still hurting my physical therapist encouraged me to try running again to see how things are feeling after about a month of PT. It’s not pretty. They hurt and I feel crusty but she said that’s to be expected after taking a long break. My left really hurts when I start out but gets gradually less sore the longer I go so I hope that’s a good sign. I’m also only allowed to do a run/walk. I’ve made it through the 1st two rounds on this “return to running” plan. Hopefully I keep taking things slow and can progress farther and farther until I’m totally back into the game.

She also said I have to ice as soon as I’m done running which I admit I’m not very good about. I do it when I run at home but not at work. I’m usually hurrying off to a meeting but luckily my day is wide open. I’ll get into work much later than normal but with no meetings it means I can really crank through things today. Oh and besides the ice, foam rolling, clam, leg lifts and stretching she gave me a new exercise for homework that I am horrible at. I can’t get my hips to move like I’m suppose to and look ridiculous. Totally fall all over the place. I’m sure the people on the cardio machines get a good laugh watching me attempt this thing. As long as it gets me back to running I’ll do just about anything.



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