Find something that makes you happy

The other day I was listening to a Jillian Michaels’ podcast (check them out, they’re free on iTunes) and she was talking about depression and ways to prevent it.  Now, I’ve never had any issues with depression so that area is foreign territory to me but as she was listing off some things to help with it she said something along the lines of find something that makes you happy.  And it got me to thinking…I really truly am happy when I’m working out and being active.  Some people hate working out and they never do it, some people work out because it’s healthy and good for their body even though they’re not big fans of it.  But me, I would work out even if those benefits didn’t exist.  I’m a happier person because of exercise. It makes me feel good, relieve stress, challenges me and makes me stronger.

This was super apparent yesterday when I actually went for a run.  A real-life, outside, no stopping and walking run. The 1st of it’s kind since Hood to Coast. And it was glorious.  I’d been planning on doing mat pilates but as I was sitting at my desk, looking out at the weather and seeing sun I decided it was just too nice not to get outside. It was only 3 miles but it felt so great.  My knees were a little crunchy but it didn’t matter (side note – clearly PT is working).  The sun was shinning, I had great tunes blaring and I was happy.  So happy.

Today, my challenge to you is to do something that makes you really crazy, happy.  Maybe that’s going for a run, maybe that’s getting a pedicure, maybe that’s buying a new shirt.  Whatever.  Just be happy today.


2 thoughts on “Find something that makes you happy

  1. I battled my first and only experience with depression in 2011. Prior to 2011, I was super fit, running half marathons, my first marathon…and then it all stopped and I felt worse for not working out but I just couldn’t get into it. Now I am finally back and it feels amazing and it is definitely keeping me from falling back into that place again.

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