Not showering before a workout – acceptable or gross?

Happy Thursday morning to you.  This week has felt like it’s been dragging on so I’m really glad that we’re getting to the end.  Today, if all goes according to plan (and nothing crazy happens in the next couple hours), I’m going to head to Group Power (also known as Body Pump in some gyms) at 11.  Back in the fall/winter I was doing Group Power sometimes twice a week and loved it.  But because there was a lot of lunging involved I decided to take a break and let my knees heal up.  Now that they’re feeling a little better I’m going to give it another shot. What is Group Power you ask?  It’s a 60 min barbell program that goes through 10 different tracks, working out all your major muscles from your back to your legs to your abs. And, it’s taught by my favorite instructor, Kristen.  I’ll give you a report back tomorrow on how things go.

Now the fact that Group Power is at 11 is the reason behind my post headline.  To get to the gym with enough time to change and get everything set up for class I basically have to leave my desk at 10:30.  And since I had to be in to work by 7:30 this morning, I just couldn’t find enough logic to hop in the shower before leaving my house.  I did wash my face, and put on some deodorant so I’m not smelly, but that really was the extent of my cleanliness routine.  At 1st I just threw my hair in a headband/ponytail combo but then I realized I looked too scrubby so I ran my flat iron through it (which even now seems pointless, like I’ve mentioned here I have curly hair and the minute I sweat it gets curly.  So basically I straightened it for nothing).  And unless you’re my husband or one of my co-workers reading this blog post I bet you couldn’t tell I didn’t shower.

image source

Obviously the main reason to shower is to be clean, but beyond that there are some people who NEED to shower in the morning to wake up or to just help them start their day off.  Not me.  I’m pretty sure if I didn’t work-out, I could spend the whole day without a shower and be fine. To clarify, I love showers, I love the feeling of hot water on my skin…I could stay in a shower forever.  What I hate, is the getting ready afterwards situation. Sometimes it just feels like so much WORK…the hair drying, the makeup, the lotioning… Ug.  I would be perfectly happy wearing no makeup and putting my wet hair in a ponytail 24/7 and while I could probably pull that off quite often at work, it wouldn’t fly if it became an every day occurrence.  Can you image, “well hello Mr. whatever department manager, I look like a drowned rat, but don’t let that worry you.  I promise I really am a grownup and that I will manage your product  and make you lots of money.”  Hahah.  Not so much.

But on days like today, when I’m really only going to be out in public for about 3 hours before I go get sweaty (and I have no meetings between now and gym time) it just makes more sense to skip the pre-work shower and clean myself up after my workout.

What about you guys, do you shower before if you know you’re going to work-out soon after?  Or am I totally alone in this?  And please continue reading my blog.  I promise I’m not the gross, smelly girl in the corner…or at least I hope I’m not :)

And in other news, to follow-up on my post the other day about sugar, I came across this post on The Fitness Dish.  Laury explains that you should eat under 40 grams of sugar a day, ideally closer to 30 grams.  And then she offers up some ways to help reach that goal.  Some of her suggestions include giving up sugary drinks and protein bars, and to really dissect labels for hidden sugars.

Image source

I found this super interesting because honestly I have no idea how many grams of sugar I eat each day.  My guess is that I should be pretty healthy, but I’m going to try and track it to see where I stand.  I’ll be using My Fitness Pal which is available free online and as an app and is super easy.  Just enter in your food (their database is huge so most everything is already in there) or you can create recipes and save them (I do this for my protein shakes).  I’ll give it about a week and see my average.  I’m a little worried about the sugar content in my alcohol (um, pretty sure my cider should be renamed apple alcohol with sugar) so I’m sure that will throw me over the edge.  But it will be good to get a gauge of where I stand right now.

Do you guys watch your sugar intake?  Are you around 30 grams?

Have a great day.  I’ll let you know how Group Power goes.  And I promise I will get a shower in today :)


8 thoughts on “Not showering before a workout – acceptable or gross?

  1. I shower post work out but no before.
    I shower at night so between sleeping and my morning at work, I don’t sweat thus I don’t see the point in showering before really. But I definitely do shower afterwards!

  2. I hate showering when I know I’m getting sweaty. I’ve even worked out at night…been too tired to shower…and then slept and worked out again all with only a face wash! I know…bad. I just figure that when I do shower…it’s going to feel soo good!!! So, no. I’m cool with whatever you chose and don’t think that it’s necessary!

  3. I usually shower before work just to wake up, but there are plenty of times I’m running late and can’t take a shower. Ohhh well, smelly teacher. :)

  4. haha I never shower in the morning unless I work out! sorry sistah but I have better things to do than blowdry my hair at 6am, like sleep longer or just get to work so I can leave on time!
    PS you have the best blog but I don’t always stay caught up because I can’t put it in my google reader so sometimes I think I miss posts!

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