Bugs in my broccoli

Oh yes friends, you read that correctly.  I just about ate bugs tonight.  Close. Call.

We were going to eat chicken penne pasta but we switched it up and decided to do spicy shrimp, broccoli and goat cheese pasta. So I’m moving along through the recipe…I’d already marinated the shrimp and they were chilling in the fridge and I go to chop up the broccoli to steam it.  So I rinse it and move it to the cutting board and things seem normal so I put them into the steamer basket and on the very last piece of broccoli I put in there I notice a bug.  And upon closer inspection I notice TONS of bugs. Like it was a crazy bug party.  Most of the bugs were dead but still, I just about threw up in my mouth.  After that I realized there were tons of (dead) bugs on the cutting board, the plastic bag from the store and all over my colander.   So freaking gross.  I promptly dumped all the broccoli down the garbage disposal and went about deep cleaning everything in the kitchen.  And then I still had to figure out what to make for dinner.

Luckily we had a bunch of red peppers so I continued the regular recipe but chopped and sautéed a red pepper in about a tablespoon of olive oil, garlic and red pepper flakes.  I added in the marinated shrimp at the end and then tossed all of that in with my whole wheat noodles.  I mixed all of that up and then added in about 2-3 tablespoons of goat cheese.  The result?  Delicious.  Although it would have been better with broccoli.  But not bugs.

Oh and besides the fact that my meal was delicious even though I basically winged it, my other favorite part of dinner was our salad with lettuce from our yard!  I planted seeds last fall and totally forgot about them and now I have a ton of lettuce in my back yard.  I see a lot of salads in my future.  I kept it simple and just did lettuce, sunflower seeds, a sprinkle of parmesan cheese and store-bought (I was lazy) Newman’s Own (at least the proceeds go to charity) light honey mustard dressing.

Oh and FYI in the past month we’ve gotten a rotten avocado, expired yogurt and now buggy broccoli.  What’s going on Fred Meyer?  You’re letting me down.


Spicy shrimp & red pepper pasta

Lettuce from my yard!


2 thoughts on “Bugs in my broccoli

  1. blah! about a week ago i was cutting up a zucchini and found a huge worm in it. :( i try to remember that it’s a good way to know it’s pesticide free. :) i chucked it anyway. yuck!

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