We bought a spin bike!

We bought it over the weekend and I rode it for the 1st time today.  Um, can I tell you how much I love just rolling out of my bed and stumbling into the guest room to get my cardio in?  It’s fantastic.  I rode for 45 minutes and did some steady riding with moderate resistance and then I did some interval training… I alternated around but usually a minute hard with a minute recovery – some of that was sitting and some was standing.  At the end of 45 min I was super sweaty and I think my legs will be sore later.

Chris putting it together

Love (PS the guest room is the temporary home until we sell the futon and clean out the office).

A couple notes –

1. I couldn’t figure out how to lower the seat and since it was 5am and Chris was still sleeping I didn’t want to wake him up to ask.  So I did this workout with the seat a tad bit higher than I normally would like it.  Not bad, but I think I could get a slightly better workout once I learn how to lower it one notch.

2.  Somehow I got ready for work 15 min earlier than normal even though after my bike ride I was in the shower at my normal time.  Maybe it was all the workout endorphins that got me moving faster?

3. Music videos have gotten weird.  I watched a few snippets of the news but most of my time was spent flipping between VH1 and MTV.  Um, creepy things were flashing across my TV screen this morning – weird robots, space ships, bloody crucifixions?  I get trying to be artsy but some of this stuff was just plain disturbing (even though the songs seemed relatively normal when I hear them on the radio).  This just furthered my reasoning that Country music is the best music of all time…nice wholesome videos with stories.  Too bad we don’t get CMT in the guest room.

Speaking of country music, here’s one of my favorites right now – doesn’t it just get you excited for summer?


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