Earning my breakfast

Happy Saturday afternoon.  I hope you’re doing something fun…maybe that’s going to the gym, exploring the outdoors, eating something delicious or just lounging around your house.  Saturdays are days to relax from the week so whatever you’re doing, I hope you’re enjoying it.

Last night we took it easy and stayed home which hasn’t happened in forever.  We tried to take Chance to the dog park but when we got close to the park it started to thunder and the sky looked super ominous so we decided to turn around.  Chance still got a 3ish mile walk and he didn’t know we were going to the park so we figured he wouldn’t mind.  We were lucky and avoided the storm.  It started raining the minute we got back to the house.

Instagram makes it look nicer than it was

This morning we got up and headed into the village to grab some breakfast.  Round-trip the whole walk is around 4 miles (519 calories per my Fuel band) and it took us about 2 hours which included the walk, breakfast and a quick stop at the dog park.  The weather wasn’t as nice as we were hoping but we did get a little sunshine.  We went to Grand Central Bakery for breakfast and each of us got cheddar/egg biscuits but I went with sausage and Chris went with bacon (FYI I firmly believe people are bacon or sausage people not both).  These breakfast sammies are so good but I really think it’s the actual biscuit that seal the deal.  When we first moved into the neighborhood I could never decide if I wanted the sandwich or a “jammer” which was basically a biscuit with jam.  And then one day I figured out that if I ordered the sandwich and only ate half the biscuit I could save the top half and add jam to it….breakfast sammie and a jammer :)   I guess Chris had never tried my concoction before but he did today and decided that next time we should just have a protein shake before the walk and then come and get the biscuit and jam because it truly is AMAZING.  I’m on board with that.

Only time I ever get flavor in my latte - grande non-fat almond latte with stumptown beans.

Egg, cheddar, sausage + biscuit

The best part

So good

How cute is this guy hiding under the picnic table?

We walked back home through the village and stopped in at the dog park.  I swear Chance likes people more than dogs because while he played around a little bit with other dogs, he spent most of him time getting pet by their owners. And now we’re back at the house, chilling for a bit while the sun (hopefully) decides to come out a little more.  I’ve thought about hoping on the spin bike since I’m already in workout clothes.  We also have some yard work to do and then might be heading to NW to meet some friends and then to Journey’s later on.  PS I’m sure you’ve noticed how often we talk about Journey’s and today on our walk we decided we’re only allowing ourselves to go there twice a week and we can only eat there twice a month.  Save calories and cash.  We’ll see how we do.

My boys

Someone is tired now

What about you guys? Do you have any favorite weekend breakfast treats?


4 thoughts on “Earning my breakfast

  1. Wow…that biscuit looks so tempting. And with the jam – OMG.

    The hubs and I love our morning smoothies. Our favorite combines blueberries, ice, almond milk, agave syrup to sweeten and a little cocoa powder, which nicely compliments the fruit. You wouldn’t believe it, but it’s one of my faves!

    • I’ve thought about doing a banana/PB/cocoa powder but I’ve never thought to add it to a blueberry one. That’s a great tip. I’m definitely going to have to try it. Thanks! PS the jam is amazing hahah.

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