Doing (yard) work

Yesterday we did yard work.  And when I was thinking about what I’d say about it, I realized I didn’t want to write about yesterday’s yard work without giving you a bit of background on our yard.  Because yesterday’s yard work was NOTHING compared to most of the yard work we’ve done on this place.  When we bought this house the yard was a nightmare.  NIGHTMARE.  There were 11 raised beds, including one bed with an actual headboard (literally a raised bed), an overgrown herb garden and a giant mess of raspberries growing in the middle of everything.  We saw potential when we bought it and in the course of 3 years have made the backyard an awesome oasis.  But to get there involved countless hours of sweat equity and renting a Bobcat.  Twice.  Most of the big projects are done and now we’re just working on the last couple ones before we’d call the project complete.  Here are a few before and after pics:

PS Isn’t my husband hot driving that bobcat :)

Anyway, yesterday was nothing compared to all the other projects.  Chris worked on the path, adding bricks which was quite time consuming because he had to haul the bricks from one side of the yard to the other and then place them/line them up etc.  While he did that, I filled up a 3rd raised bed (we kept 3 of the original raised beds) because I wanted more space for my garden.  I didn’t think it would take that long but turns out that bed required a lot of dirt which I also had to move from one side of the yard to the other.

Empty wheelbarrow


Took the dirt down the hill, across the yard...

And up the hill. While Chance watched.

And into the bed. Kind of looks like a coffin...creepy

While Chris worked on the bricks

The path

The reward

The sunshine

The dinner

As you can see, after the yard work we enjoyed a drink in the sun and then we headed to NW to have some pizza at Mellow Mushroom which is fast becoming one of my favorite places because the pizza is so good.  I mean, it might even be my favorite pizza place in Portland (FYI favorite pizza ever is at Dundee’s in Seaside which is where we’ll be eating dinner in 2 weeks for my 30th! bday).

And after pizza we (surprise, surprise) ended the night at Journeys.   The regular “mug club” crew was there but as a special treat, our friend Craig (best man in our wedding, lives downtown) came along with us.  And he killed a keg!  Killing Chris and I hahah.  Anyway, the night was fantastic.  We ended up closing the place down (remember it only stays open till Midnight) and at the end of the night I was sitting up at the bar with some of my favorite people, and Sweet Caroline comes on and everyone is singing around.  It was good.  Moments like that are memories you keep forever.

I hope that all of you experience days like mine – with good weather, delicious food and fantastic friends.  And that while it’s super important to be healthy by working out and eating right, you know that sometimes creating memories are more important.  We only have 1 life. Make the most of it :)

And today, we’ll be back out in the yard, meal planning, grocery shopping, maybe riding bikes, maybe not….


2 thoughts on “Doing (yard) work

  1. Yo- I LOVED this post. I think that is a PERFECT day. Your yard looks amazing, the day sounds sooooo fun and I love the pizza and the picture of Chris drinking the beer! I also love the image of Sweet Caroline coming on and sitting around with all your friends listening to it. That is soooo great! Makes me miss my friends :(

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