On finding inspiration

the action or power of moving the intellect or emotions

(from Merriam-Webster)

Last week, 30andlearning (which is a great spot where Leesah writes about learning new things…about herself, life etc…go check it out) gave me the Very Inspirational Blogger award.  The rules for the award are that I have to tell you 7 things about myself and then pass the award on to 7 blogs that inspire me.  So first, lets knock the logistics out of the way and then I’d like to talk a little bit more about inspiration…

7 (random) things about me:

#1 – My favorite color is orange.  Or red.  I seriously can’t decide.  Maybe that’s why my wedding colors were both.

#2 – My favorite flowers are gerber daisies.  They are just so dang happy. Chris’ dad pressed the one that Chris gave me when he proposed and it’s actually still sitting up in the bathroom between sheets of newspaper.  I really should get that thing framed.

#3 – I have TMJ and my jaw (on the right side) clicks & pops every single time I open it.  It doesn’t hurt me at all so my dentists have never done anything about it and I honestly am so used to it I barely even notice it anymore.  But if you happen to be sitting next to me when I’m eating you can hear it.  Apparently it’s pretty loud.  People always ask me about it.

#4 – I have no idea how to drive a stick shift.  My mom and an ex boyfriend have tried teaching me but I’ve never had a car with one so I never really bothered to learn.

#5 – The very 1st time I met some of Chris’ best friends I wound up wearing a garbage bag for 3 days straight (we went on a rafting trip and it was pouring down rain and nothing kept me as dry as a garbage sack).  I’m sure his friends thought I was crazy.  I thought I was just being smart.

#6 – I HATED PE in elementary through high school.  I would have my mom write me notes so I wouldn’t have to do it.  The day we had to run the mile for the physical fitness test was like the worst day of my life. And here I now am blogging about fitness.

#7 – Dog the Bounty Hunter is one of my guilty pleasures.  Chris and I watch it all the time.  We’ve seriously considered dressing up as Dog and Beth for Halloween.

7 blogs that inspire me (and are receiving the inspirational blogger award from me…)

Myfitspiration- This is a blog written by Biggest Loser winners Hannah and Olivia.  Talk about inspiration.  These two women are incredible.  Not only did they lose a ton of weight but they’ve kept it off and are out helping others get fit now.  Plus they are hilarious.

Tall Adventures – Steph moved to New York to start a new life full of brand new adventures.  I’m inspired by her courage and honesty :)

Fitnesssista – probably my favorite blog of all.  Gina is a fitness instructor who shares tons of great workout and recipes.  But lately I’ve been the most inspired by her journey into motherhood.  Fitness was Gina’s life until baby Olivia came along.  And now she’s learning how to balance being a mom and staying fit.

Explore Dream Discover – Liz lives in Amsterdam with her husband and puppy.  And she seriously is living the coolest life.  I am so inspired by Liz’s ability to explore the world.  She’s trying to travel to one new place a month and I am so jealous.

Daily Garnish – Emily is a chef living in Seattle, also with a new baby.  Similar to Gina, I’m inspired by Emily’s honest experience with motherhood.  Her posts are so real.

Peas & Thank You – Mama Pea is a lawyer turned stay at home mom turned cookbook author…When I have kids, I want to be a mom like her.

Dashing Dish – Katie was a nurse who just recently decided to make Dashing Dish her full time job. It truly feels like Katie’s mission is to get people healthy.  And she does a great job of offering up healthy alternatives to food you crave.

And now back to inspiration…

The other day I read this post by MizFit where she defines passion as something you’d choose to do all day every day if you could. And when I first read it, I thought – “perfect.  My passion of being fit, exercising, eating right…aligns with that.  Spending all day at the gym?  Easy.  Done.  Fantastic.”  But then I read more of her post and found out that for her, exercise is not her passion.  Her passion is helping people & promoting healthy living. And it kind of rocked my world a little bit.  Sure, I love the gym.  I love sweating, I love weights.  I love cardio.  And I’ve always called that stuff my passion. But I’m ALWAYS going to do that stuff.  I’m always going to try to be healthy.  It’s like second nature to me.  But I know that for some people, it’s not.  For some people working out every day is not a way of life.  Eating healthy, organic food is hard and expensive and not always an option.  And it made me realize that MizFit is right.  Being fit isn’t my passion.  My passion is trying to help others get fit, I’m just trying to use my life as the vehicle to get people there.

Does all of that make sense?  And please don’t think I’m trying to make myself out as some saintly crazy perfect eater who kicks her butt at the gym every day and never has cheat days.  If you’ve read my blog long enough you know that I am far from being as fit and healthy as I could be.  But I’m trying.  And every day I do my best to make good choices.  And sometimes I fail.  But that’s ok. At least I tired.  And hopefully my attempts have inspired you. Because to me, that would be awesome.



7 thoughts on “On finding inspiration

  1. Wow…that is such an honor Whit! I will definitely have to post tonight and give my inspiration blogs and some fun factoids about me. You really made me feel good about my blogging and how honest and raw I am. Sometimes I wonder if it’s ok, but it’s not for other people…it’s a great outlet for things I’m feeling and I can’t stop!

    Miss you! Love you…and thank you! You may be getting this back!

    • Don’t change anything that you’re doing it. I love love love how real your blog is. It’s you, it’s your life. If people don’t like it they don’t have to read it. I’m totally serious when I say I get so excited when you have a new post. I just can’t get enough! Miss you too!!!!

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