The last sunday in which my age starts with a 2

That is correct my friends. Today is the last Sunday of my 20’s. And I spent it doing this:

Before that, I spent some time at Nordstrom Rack, doing this (sadly I got home and knit sparkle tank top had a hole in it so I took it back and got something else):

Happy early bday to me

While Chris spent the day doing this:

With Dan:

And now we have some new stairs (not showing the final project, still a work in progress):

Saturday went like this…

Started the morning with a run:

Backyard sunbathing:

With Chance:

Reading magazines and got excited about camping:

Drank out of a mason jar:

Made hummus (with this recipe) but used red peppers instead of jalapenos:

Went downtown for a friend’s bday dinner and actually got ready and straightened my hair instead of wearing it in a headband/pony combo and put on high heels instead of converse:

And enjoyed a delicious dinner…a glass of rose, cobb-like salad, and sweet potato fries.

And currently I’m hanging on the couch with my best friend, drinking wine and watching Drive. Starring Ryan Gossling. Yes.

6 days left until I turn 30 and I was thinking about it today and realized there is not one thing about my life that I would change. No regrets. No what-ifs, no things I wish I’d done differently. And that my friends, is an awesome feeling.


2 thoughts on “The last sunday in which my age starts with a 2

  1. I love this. LOVE LOVE LOVE this post. You look fabu as you head into your 30th year! I’m so proud of you and love the no regrets thing! AWESOME.

    You are amazing! Happy Early Birthday, Whit!!!

    • Thanks friend! It was a pretty great weekend. The fact that we got an early taste of summer helped out too. I wish it would stay like this but it looks like rain is heading our way in a few days :(

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