Wedding rings at the gym?

Yesterday I dropped my wedding and engagement rings off to be cleaned and polished.  I do this about every 6 months because I’m not the most gentle person and tend to scratch up the platinum pretty bad.  Normally I drop them off and come pick them back up a couple of hours later.  But yesterday they told me they wanted to keep them overnight to soak.  Um, does that mean they’re super scratched?  Either way I just said ok and sadly walked out of the jewelry shop ring-less.

I hate not wearing my rings.  My hand just feels weird.  And I keep touching my ring finger with my thumb, panicking, before I remember that it’s ok that I don’t feel the double bands of metal.  I should be able to pick them up today after work and then I have a decision to make…do I continue to wear them at the gym when I lift weights or do I take them off and put them in my bag/locker/desk?  I would guess that 90% of the scratches come from the weight room.  I don’t wear gloves and the free weights I use are metal which totally rubs up against my rings.


Chris never wears his ring at the gym.  He either puts it in his pocket or leaves it in his locker.  I don’t have pockets in my workout clothes so that’s not an option but I could easily leave them in my locked locker.  But it just feels weird.  My biggest worry is that I’ll lose them or that someone would take them out of my bag (unless they have a lock cutter I really don’t see how that could happen).  But beyond that, I wonder what people would think if they saw me, a married lady, not wearing her rings.  Most people at the gym know that I’m married so would they think something’s going on with Chris and I if they saw me sans ring?  Probably not, they probably wouldn’t even notice but that’s where my head goes. But I’ve got to figure something out.  I can’t keep scratching them up like this.  I haven’t even had them for 2 years.  How are they going to last for 50?

What about you guys?  What are your thoughts on this?  Do you wear your ring or take it off?  And if you take it off, what do you do with it?

And because we’re talking weights and gym, here are 4 circuits I pulled off Jamie Eason’s Live Fit program.  I don’t follow the plan but I thought these were some pretty good.









Hope you all have a good Monday.  It’s another beautiful day here in Portland so I’m planning to take advantage of the sunshine and get a run in at lunch time and maybe the leg circuit above.  Dinner tonight is leftovers (carne asada for Chris, stir fry for me) which we’ll be enjoying outside on the picnic table.  The sun is supposed to go away soon but it’s been a fantastic glimpse of what’s to come :)


14 thoughts on “Wedding rings at the gym?

  1. I never wear mine to the gym anymore. I either leave it at home if I stop by there first or I zip it up in my wallet and lock it in the locker. I never leave it loose, I always zip it in somewhere in case I forget. I also never wear my ring to clean the house or do yard work. That might go without saying though. In fact, I don’t even sleep in it anymore. I have Pave though and the diamonds can easily come loose. High maintenance. I don’t recommend for an active person. ;)

    • Yeah, last time I took mine in they said I had 5 loose stones on my wedding band and I totally freaked out. I keep waiting for them to call me today and tell me they found some again. I don’t wear them cleaning or for yardwork but I think I just have to quit them at the gym too. I love pave but glad I don’t have that. I am way too rough on my jewelry.

  2. I just have my engagement ring right now, but I had a big debate about this when I was going to the gym right after I got engaged.

    The first few times I did take it off and left it in my locker and the whole time I just hated the feeling. I kept thinking about (ridiculous) scenarios where the ring would get lost or stolen from my locker and seeing my hand without it just made me sad. I was way too fearful to put it in a pocket (my lululemon capris have a zippered pocket – but I just always imagined it slipping out somehow).

    I wear mine now all the time to the gym now. It does get a little scratched but not that badly. I know a ton of people who will take it off completely but for me, I realized that I just have to leave it on!

    I have a friend who wears lifting gloves and I think that has helped. Not sure if you’d consider those.

    • I’ve thought about gloves but my eband is a solitaire and the setting is too high for gloves. I’ve thought about leaving that one and just wearing my band with gloves but then what’s the point? I could just leave them both off. But I’m with you, I just get sad without them. I swear I’ve been sad since I dropped them off yesterday. It’s crazy how attached you get to them.

  3. I probably don’t even deserve my wedding/engagement rings as I leave them on doing EVERYTHING – gym, cleaning, shower, sleep. I know how bad it is, but I am REALLY prone to losing things, so if I had to take them off for all those activities then I’d surely lose them. SO I just figure, Corey got them for me to wear them, and the worst thing that happens is I mess them up so bad I get an upgrade out of it. I’m kidding, I’m kidding :) I just don’t know what the point is if you can’t wear them in your day to day life! It was smart of Chris to get platinum so they’re not just getting dipped, but actually getting all the scratches buffed out!

    • I am so lucky he got platinum! If I couldn’t get the scratches buffed out they would be horrible! I feel like yours might not show scratches as much? I freaking love your rings by the way! I feel like because of my thick, plain bands you can see everything! Drives me crazy. They’re at Ari right now with Scott so I’m sure he’ll make them beautiful for me. So glad you and Kara told me about him. At least I know someone trustworthy has them.

  4. I actually always wear mine to the gym, but more so out of fear that I’ll misplace them over anything else…. I am always misplacing jewelry when I take it off, so I’d rather be safe and leave them on! I know what you mean about not wanting people to think something is going on with you and your husband though… I had to drop off mine to get cleaned and went to work without them… I was so nervous all day that people noticed and were wondering why I wasn’t wearing my rings. Ridiculous, but I couldn’t help it!

    • Um not ridiculous. I’ve spent the whole day without mine and have made like a million comments about how they’re at the jewelers hahah. I think it makes it worse because I always notice if someone’s not wearing their rings so it’s made me more self conscious about not having mine.

  5. Hmmm…not sure my opinion counts, but I would never take mine off if I had one. But, then again, I just want a simple gold band. No diamonds. No nothing. I actually like the looks of a rustic, scratched, used wedding band. It shows some character.

  6. I used to keep mine in my gym locker when I worked out, or in my car. I always worried that someone would steal it, or that I would lose it, so I started to wear it anyways but then my ring got all scratched up. Now I wear a ring wrapper over my ring every time I go to the gym. look it up, its cheap and works great.

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