Best workout of the week

I can’t wait for the hours to tick away today.  Sunday is my birthday and this afternoon we’re heading to the coast for a weekend of all my favorite things.  Tonight we’ll be enjoying my favorite pizza in the entire world, tomorrow we’ll be going to my favorite brewery for one of my favorite beers.  Tomorrow night we’ll be eating Mexican and drinking large marges, my favorite drink, and Sunday we’ll (hopefully) be grabbing breakfast at my favorite bakery and ending the night at one of my favorite restaurants.  And the best part?  We’re doing it all with some of my favorite people.  PS I may have just set the record for the number of times I could write favorite in a paragraph :)

Needless to say, I’m excited and want to get this show on the road.  But first, a recap:

Yesterday was by far my best workout of the week.  I did this legs circuit but before that I did 30 min of interval sprints on the treadmill that looked a little like this:

  • Min 1-3: walking warmup levels 3.5 – 4
  • Min 3-6: sprint at 7
  • Min 6-7: walk at 4
  • Min 7-9: sprint at 7.5
  • Min 9-10: walk at 4
  • Min 10-12: sprint at 8
  • Min 12-13: walk at 4
  • Min 13-15: sprint at 8
  • Min 15-16: walk at 4
  • Min 16-18: sprint at 8.5
  • Min 18-19: walk at 4
  • Min 19-20: sprint at 9
  • Min 20-21: walk at 4
  • Min 21-22: sprint at 9.2
  • Min 22-23: walk at 4
  • Min 23-24: sprint at 9.4
  • Min 24-25: walk at 4
  • Min 25-26: sprint at 9.6
  • Min 26-27: walk at 4
  • Min 27-28: sprint at 9.8
  • Min 28-29: walk at 4
  • Min 29-30: sprint at 10

And after the intervals and leg circuit I did 5 sets of 25 crunches alternating with 25 frog kicks all on the swiss ball. And then I stretched and hobbled out of the gym.  My legs are definitely feeling it today after all of this week’s crazy leg toning.

Last night for dinner was a re-run of a new favorite – almond crusted chicken and sweet potato fries. This time I used less olive oil on the fries and did a salad instead of asparagus.  So good.  Especially because our salad came directly from my backyard raised bed to our plates.  Talk about farm to fork.   Now I just need to grow some sweet potatoes (Chris has vetoed the chickens).

I’m heading to Zumba later this morning to get a good calorie burning sweat session in before I cram my face full of pizza tonight.  I hope you all are having a great Friday and are getting excited for the weekend.

Oh and wanted to pass along this documentary I read about yesterday.  It’s going to be on HBO May 14th.  It’s called Weight of the Nation and I guess it’s all about our nation’s obesity crisis.  I’ll be watching for sure.  Let me know if anyone else plans on checking it out.


2 thoughts on “Best workout of the week

  1. I need to do more interval workouts! Maybe someday we can do one together:) I don’t really do enough intervals, and the Paleo solution claims that’s the only way to work out!

    • We can totally do the treadmill one together. It is a killer. I feel like I should probably be doing them on the track but I like how easy it is to track things on the treadmill.

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