Beach day

Just a quick note from the coast, checking in so you don’t forget about me :)

Last night we went to Dundee’s in Seaside which is home to my absolute favorite pizza ever and I barely had enough time to take a picture before I ate it all. And yes. At Dundee’s on this pizza I dip it in ranch and am not even ashamed.


After Dundee’s we stopped at the Sandtrap for some drinks and them headed home. The boys sat outside around a fire while the girls chatted for a bit before heading to bed. This morning we had a delicious breakfast courtesy of our friends Brad and Sarah – it’s called “Brad’s Northwest” and involves toast, eggs, salmon and a delicious cheese sauce.

After that, we headed on a walk down to the beach for some football tossing and frisbee chasing (Chance, not the humans).


Now we’re waiting for the boys to get back so we can finish marinating tonight’s dinner (carne asada and shrimp tacos). We went to the store yesterday but forgot the cilantro.


And after that’s all taken care of we’re heading into Astoria for a late lunch at FT. George (also known as the brewery that made the beer we served at our wedding), a drink at The Rouge (I get a free beer for my birthday) and then back here for a delicious dinner and large marges.

Pretty. Good. Day :)


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