Easy ways to add in exercise + guest posting on a new site

I’ve been part of the blogosphere for a while as a reader and only a couple of months as a writer but I’ve always been intrigued when I meet guest bloggers on my regularly read blogs.  I love getting new perspective and finding new places to visit.  So I was nothing short of thrilled when I found out about a site called The Indie Chicks... An online magazine for passionate, ambitious women craving inspiration, motivation and a community of like-minded chicks?  And they wanted me to write for them.  Seriously, sign me up.  Their site launched yesterday and you should definitely go check it out.  Plus, you can find me there :)  Nothing bad with a little self promotion right?

5 easy ways to sneak in exercise…

And for anyone coming here from The Indie Chicks, welcome!  Glad you found me.  I love new friends.  You can read more about me here.

By the way, my post couldn’t come at a more appropriate time.  Not only did I spend a weekend enjoying myself, and will be heading to Mexico in 22 days but I’m also spending the next 5 working days at a photo shoot.  Days like these make me realize how cool my job is.  I get to hang out with models, photographers, stylists… but I’ll also be in a studio all day – no lunchtime access to the gym and I’ll be surrounded with tons of treats and temptations.  I’m serious.  Doughnuts, muffins, candy, trail mix, cookies… I have a hard time avoiding everything for one day in the studio.  Five is going to take all the will power I can muster.  Wish me luck.

And because I’m not able to get my lunchtime workout in, I planned on getting up this morning and riding the spin bike but somebody (ok, me) stayed up too late last night watching TV… The Biggest Loser finale was on and while I’m super bummed Kim didn’t win I’m glad Jeremy took it over Condo.  And then after that we decided to watch a DVR’d episode of CSI Miami (Horatio is such a stud).  Instead, I’m planning to do a Jillian and 20 minutes worth of spinning when I get home.  I’m super excited because I’m having brussels sprouts with dinner tonight and those things take a while to roast so I figure I’ll get a little sweat session on and then have a healthy dinner (we’re doing stir-fry as well).

Oh and by the way, yesterday I did my best workout of the week, minus the frog kicks and crunches and it was still a killer but I’m thinking the frog kicks really pushed things over the edge because I’m not quite as sore as I was last week.  There’s always tomorrow though so you never know.

Ok that’s it.  Off to the shoot.  Have a good Wednesday and let me know what you think of The Indie Chicks. There’s a lot more fashion/lifestyle content than I find on my usual blogs and that’s not my area of expertise so hopefully I can learn some things.


8 thoughts on “Easy ways to add in exercise + guest posting on a new site

  1. Glad you shared the Indie Chicks site, I’m going to check it out!

    Good luck being around all the temptations. For me it’s always the first day (or first temptation) that’s hard. I figure if you can get through one day sans loads of treats, why not another and another and another? :)

    • That’s a great point. I bet it will be easier to avoid things the longer I’m around it. Although the giant bag of peanut M&Ms is staring me in the face right now. Must. Not. Eat.

  2. Yay for vacation! So fun that you’re going to Mexico! I’ve been to a few photos shoots and can never understand why they always have so much junk food. I honestly think EVERYONE there would prefer healthier options. But your job sounds very cool! Hope the shoot’s going well.

  3. Hey Whit! I just discovered your blog recently and think it’s great. Out of curiosity, do any of your friends/family every give you a hard time about working out alot/so often? Sometimes, I feel like I catch alot of grief (maybe from people not as focused on a healthy lifestyle) for a healthy does of exercise. If you do, wondering how you handle that without getting defensive, etc? The thoughts the other day about your co-workers who ‘got’ you really was great and it seems like they would certainly not fall into this category!

    • 1st, Hi :) welcome to my blog. 2nd, I’m pretty lucky to be surrounded by friends and family who all love exercise as much as I do. My husband and most of my close friends workout every day too so it’s not that weird that I do so much. But it hasn’t always been that way. In college I actually was sleeping one night when a drunk sorority sister sat outside my room and yelled around about how weird I am for going to the gym. Needless to say I didn’t stick around much longer after that. I think the best advice I have is to try and include anyone who gives you grief into your workouts/exercise. Life if they’re annoyed because you’re at the gym so much invite them to come with you. Or if someone wants to do happy hour and you want to work out, invite them to take a walk and then grab drinks after. I think sometimes people who aren’t as into fitness are intimidated a little by people who are. So I think if you try to level the playing field and incorporate fitness into whatever they want to do then it might help. Make sense?

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