Weight of the nation

Hi, happy Monday.  Just wanted to remind everyone that tonight at 8 on HBO is the 1st part (I believe there are 4) of the documentary series, The Weight Of The Nation. It’s all about our nation’s obesity crisis and how we can fight back.  I had Chris set the DVR this morning so we’d make sure to catch it.  I’m super excited.  Here’s the trailer:

It’s super warm here again today, should be pushing 90F.  I wanted to get out on a run during the day but I have a meeting at 11:30 which means if I wanted to run, it would have to be after that and it would be approximately 1 million degrees out.  Not quite ready for that.  Instead, I’m going to do pilates reformer and probably some cardio on the bike.  After work today we’re heading to Home Depot to get some sandpaper so Chris can work on his deck sanding project while I will be out weeding the front part of our lawn in an area I refer to as the “mini tree forest.”  I have no idea what these things are but they’re seriously like small trees that grow off the roots of two of our other trees.  I hate them. Maybe when the homeowners before us planted the trees they were excited about the prospect of a small army of saplings but not me.  I’ll take a few photos and see if anyone can identify what we have going on and the best way to handle the tree forest in the future.

For dinner we’re doing BBQ chicken breasts (with Rudy’s BBQ sauce Chris brought home from Texas!), grilled asparagus and Annie’s white cheddar mac & cheese.  seriously one of my favorite summer dinners.  Can’t wait.

Hope you all are having a great Monday so far.  Check out this pic The Fitnessista posted on Facebook this weekend.  Love it.  Great motivation to start the week.


11 thoughts on “Weight of the nation

  1. I DVR’d this when you mentioned it a few weeks ago! I forgot it was on last night but I usually don’t watch tv on weeknights anyway so I’ll catch up later!

      • Of course! I’m hoping the rest will make their way on their too- I thought the first segment was interesting in both a depressing and alarming way. Can’t wait to hear your take on it.

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