Exciting news – I’m part of FitFluential

Morning :) I have some super exciting news to share with you but first, a little recap of how yesterday played out…

I went to pilates reformer yesterday and there was only 1 other person who showed up to class.  It was great because I basically had a private lesson.  We moved through things pretty quickly and by the time it was over, I was dying although I think the majority of that was because it was a million degrees in the studio.  After pilates, I did a quick 25 min on the spin bike.  I made myself do intervals by peddling harder at the chorus of every song that came on.

We got home from work and I weeded the mini-tree forest as fast as I could.  Why did I speed through my chores as fast as possible?  Oh yeah, because I am obsessed with the Hunger Games.  I came back in and read for over an hour while Chris sanded the deck.  I seriously can’t stop with this book. It’s out of control.  I need my life back.

For dinner (which didn’t happen until after 8) we had BBQ chicken, Annie’s white cheddar mac & cheese, and grilled asparagus (spray with olive oil and add some red pepper flakes).  So good!

After dinner we sat down to watch Weight of the Nation.  I only got about 30 minutes into it when I started to fall asleep and had to stop, but it was super interesting.  You learn about a small town that’s been doing a heart study on patients since 1972!  The study was to investigate heart disease and see if it could start in childhood and the results are showing that it can.  It’s crazy to me to hear the stories of these people who have been getting their vitals checked for over 20 years and sad to see how overweight everyone is.  They just don’t have all the healthy resources in a small town that I take for granted in my big city.  I’ll be catching up on more of it tonight.  Did anyone else watch it?  I highly recommend tuning in.

And now for the big news…I am officially a FitFluential Ambassador!  What is FitFluential? It’s a growing family of fitness fanatics spreading a positive healthy message year-round. FitFluential is Fitness Found. You can read more about FitFluential here and if you’re a blogger, you can join FitFluential here.  Even if you don’t have a blog, you can still join FitFluential as an enthusiast here.

I am so insanely honored to be an ambassador.  When I started this blog, it was just for me.  A place to keep me accountable.  To write down my workouts and a place to store my recipes.  But somehow people found me and I’d like to hope that I am able to offer some inspiration to others.  My passion is fitness and health and if I could just help one person love it as much as I do, then I would feel like I’ve made a difference.  Right now our nation is in serious trouble.  By 2030 42% of the people living in it will be obese and this generation of children is the 1st that has a life expectancy less than their parents because of diabetes and heart disease.  This is scary stuff.  Something needs to happen to help turn things around and I would love it if all of you would join with FitFluential and help spread the word.  Be a fitness fanatic.  Make a difference.



4 thoughts on “Exciting news – I’m part of FitFluential

  1. That’s so awesome! Congrats lady :)

    And your dinner looks awesome! I need to get some more Annie’s soon.

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