Cooking with Chris: Homemade BBQ Chicken Pizza

Hola, Happy Monday morning :)  Hope everyone is having a great day so far.  I’m pretty pumped for some things that are happening later in the week but I’ll tell you more about that at another time :)

What do I want to tell you about today?  How about the delicious thing that came out of my oven last night…the BBQ chicken pizza that my wonderful husband created (while I was riding the spin bike and watching The weight of the nation on my ipad)?  It was AMAZING.  We’re having leftovers tonight and I can’t wait.

Before I tell you how he made it, I’ll tempt you with some pictures.  Not only did we have the pizza, but we added in a side strawberry salad (minus chicken) and some Rose (me) and Gravity Mountain IPA (Chris). PS if you like beer you have to try Gravity Mountain.  It’s a collaboration from Double Mountain and Terminal Gravity.

The supplies

The salads

The pizza

Patton Valley Rose. So good!

Chris’ version

My version

Words cannot describe how good this was

Chris’ BBQ Chicken Pizza


  • 2 organic, boneless/skinless chicken breasts marinated in BBQ sauce (we used Rudy’s from Austin, Texas), grilled and sliced into pieces.
  • Pizza crust – we used a store-bought version from New Seasons (side note – we were super bummed that they will no longer be carrying our fave whole wheat version).
  • BBQ sauce
  • Red Pepper – sliced and roasted on a grill
  • Cilantro
  • Mozzarella cheese
  • Goat Gouda
  • Corn meal

Place pizza stone in oven and pre-heat to 500F.
Roll out dough and place on top of a pizza peel sprinkled with corn meal.  Spread a thin layer of BBQ sauce over dough and top with both cheeses, cilantro, roasted red pepper, and chicken.  Top with a light layer of goat gouda. Transfer pizza to pre-heated pizza stone.  Bake for 10 minutes.  Let cool, slice into pieces and enjoy.

This might be my favorite pizza Chris has ever made.  So good.  So excited to eat it tonight.

What’s your favorite pizza?  I use to only eat pepperoni but I’ve been trying to branch out lately.



7 thoughts on “Cooking with Chris: Homemade BBQ Chicken Pizza

  1. This looks amazzzzing! Definetly going to have to make this soon. My favorite pizza toppings are grilled onions and mushrooms, although ill really eat any kind of pizza!

    • I need to eat mushrooms more. I love them but somehow I never make or put them on anything myself. It’s like I forget about them or something when I’m at the store hahah.

    • Ha. That’s kind of how I felt when I was eating it. Normally I’ll eat my salads 1st but this time I tried to even things out and make sure I had a little of both throughout the whole dinner.

  2. I just finished watching The Weight of the Nation series. The last one was the best one I thought! It is freaking scary. I look at soda as poison!

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