I’m writing this on Monday, our almost last day of vacation.  We fly home tomorrow and both of us are so ready to be home.  This trip has been great.  The wedding was beautiful, the weather has been amazing and the scenery has been incredible.  But I want my life back.  I want to cook my healthy foods in my own kitchen, sleep in my own bed and workout in my gym or on my spin bike.  I think Chris wants to leave even more than me.  I walked out of our bedroom this morning to find him nearly comatose on the condo couch…complaining about some construction down the beach and the clicking clock above the fridge.  When you’re sitting somewhere overlooking the waves crash on the beach and you complain about a clock I’m pretty sure it’s a sign that your vacation quota has expired. 

We are definitely creatures of habit and have what we feel to be an amazing life and it’s always nice to go away to get some perspective.  Mexico has been incredible but it’s nice to be excited to go home.  It’s a great feeling to know that we’ve built a life that we want to leave our vacation for :) 



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