Getting back into the swing of things

Hola!  After a couple of flight delays we made it home around midnight last night and I’ve spent the day trying to get back into a normal routine.  Smoothie and coffee for breakfast, quinoa salad for lunch and a Papa Murf’s Perfect currently cooking up in the oven…I mean, come on, I said normal routine right?  Which of course had to include pizza.

My clothes are unpacked and in the process of being washed.  Meals have been planned & prepped, groceries have been bought and over 400 photos have been downloaded.  I meant to hop on the spin bike this afternoon but that didn’t happen.  I mean, besides walking (which we did a lot of) I hadn’t worked out in 7 days so what’s one more right?  Tomorrow however will be all about cardio.  And going back to work…sadly.  But luckily we get to leave at noon on Friday’s in the summer so I’m really only looking at a 1.5 day work week.  Could be worse, right?

The oven just dinged which means it’s dinner time.  I’ll be posting more a more detailed recap of the trip soon but for now, here are a few pics to get you dreaming of Mexico.



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