Monday Motivation

Hi, I saw this on Pinterest last night and wanted to share.  Great way to start off your week.  What are you doing to achieve your goals? This week I’m going to attempt to get 3 pilates reformer sessions in and 2 days of 60 minute cardio sessions.

Image from here

Another nice way to start off the week is a little reminder to stop and smell the roses.  Life gets so crazy and hectic that sometimes I forget to appreciate all the good things around me.

Anniversary rose

I was reminded of this when I was out in my yard yard last night and noticed my roses were in bloom!  On our 1st Valentine’s day together Chris got me a rose bush (so sweet) and every year I get so excited when the blooms open up.  It’s so fun seeing the flowers and then remembering how we spent that day.  My mom knew the story of that rose and so on our 1st wedding anniversary last September she happened to be in Bend where we were staying and beat us to our hotel and dropped off snacks and this rose bush. Totally brought tears to my eyes.  Well surprise, surprise, the wedding rose was the 1st one that bloomed this year and my valentine’s bud is still all closed up.  The new rose smells amazing!  Can’t wait for more flowers to come.

Top and right roses were at our house when we moved in. Bottom bud is the Valentine’s day rose.

Have you stopped to smell the roses today?


7 thoughts on “Monday Motivation

    • Do you get bugs on your roses? One of mine was covered with ants and aphids. No clue why just one of the bushes was. I sprayed the heck out of it with my rose spray but I’m worried for the little guy.

      • We don’t get bugs. Try buying lady bug bags and see if that works. I think a lot of garden shops or even home depots have bags of live lady bugs you can put out. My mom is a horticulturist..i’ll have to ask her if she has any more ideas!

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