Sunday Night Dinner…Texas Style

Have I ever really explained how much I love country?  And not just country music. I’m saying give me 5+ acres, a big red barn, a ton of chickens, a watering hole down the street where I can spend my weekends doing the two-step in my cowboy boots, enough of a garden to serve farm to fork dinners every night, a river down the way where I can rope swing into, big trucks with country music blaring from the speakers, and a backyard with string lights where I can dance under the stars with my best friend.

And luckily I married a guy who is right there with me.  And while we don’t quite have everything I just mentioned, for living in Portland proper, we’re doing pretty good…a 1/4 acre, a dog that sometimes looks like a small pony if you squint, two country bars nearby where I’ve danced in my red cowboy boots, a 4-runner where the only two stations listened to are current and old-school country, a river with a rope swing (about an hour away), farm to table salads, and now we have string lights. Can’t wait for our 1st fire pit out there under them.

Backyard string light

You know what other country thing we love?  BBQ.  From Texas.  Specifically Austin (which is the only city I’d probably ever consider moving to) and even more specifically Rudy’s.

2008 flashback

So today Chris decided to recreate some Texas BBQ Brisket…on the smoker…for 6 hours.

Chris spent the day outside, checking the meat and hanging the string lights.  Chance watched him while I ran errands and rode the spin bike for an hour (while watching One Day.  Have you seen it?  With Anne Hathaway?  Good but different ending than I was expecting).

Guess what?  The brisket was amazing!  Chris did a fantastic job.  I had mine plain with BBQ sauce, sautéed swiss chard, baked beans (with cayanne pepper) and garlic corn on the cob.

Chris had his “Rudy’s” style with bread and pickles.

And we enjoyed all of it outside with our friend Dan.  Chris even broke out his special beer which he had to sneak back in his suitcase on his last Texas trip since Lonestar is only available in Texas.

Good stuff my friends.  Good stuff.  And a great way to end the weekend.  Hopefully you all are enjoying a relaxing evening before it all starts again tomorrow :)


6 thoughts on “Sunday Night Dinner…Texas Style

    • Um yeah, I could not believe it! And the very end up on the mountain with his daughter…Chris was like, come in and get the corn ready and I made him wait while I balled my eyes out.

  1. I love your yard! When we finally moved into a house with a backyard it made me feel like such a grown-up :)
    And yay to BBQ – the one and only time I went to Austin my friend/hostess insisted on getting me real Texas BBQ and it was sooo good.

    • Thanks, it’s been a lot of work. When we moved it it literally was full of raised beds. Tons of sweat equity has been put into that thing. Luckily my husband has been amazing and is transforming it to our dream yard.

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