Headphone graveyard

My beloved headphones finally bit the dust today.  The left speaker has been out for the past couple months so every time I wear them I only hear things out of the right and I’d gotten pretty used to it.  On Friday during some cardio the right started to get a little weird and crakley…I kept thinking it was something with the actual radio station (yes I listen to the radio, I need new music) and didn’t really worry about it.  Except today when I went to turn on my ipod nothing came out of the speakers and then I really freaked out.  I HAVE to have music.  It is such a game changer and can take a ho-hum workout into a butt kicking cardio session if the right tunes start playing.  Luckily I figured out that if I twisted the actual wire I could get a little noise and ended up running 2.5 miles with music that sounded like I was driving down a rural road where the signal goes in and out.  Not good.  But I made it through my cardio and then headed off to a pilates reformer class.

And then I promptly ordered another set when I got back to my desk.  I am super picky about headphones.  I know that 99% of the world loves their little earbuds with their cute white cords.  Not this girl.  Apparently there is something wrong with my ears because ear buds will not stay in my ears, even if I’m just sitting at my desk.  When I do wear earbuds I have to hold them in with my hands (this makes for an interesting look when I’m watching movies on my ipad on the airplane).  The only ones that work for me are these Sony’s which can go over my head and hook into my years.  They’ve been awesome for the past 2+ years but just like every other single pair of headphones I’ve ever owned, they short out (from my sweat I’m assuming).  And they’re spendy, like $20+ which is especially spendy when all I do is wear them at the gym or the occasional outdoor run. So I cheaped out and bought a pair for $8.  The kind I bought are an earlier Sony model and still good.

My favorite Sony’s

So now that the headphones are on their way, the immediate crisis has been solved.  But how am I going to listen to music in the meantime?  At first I was worried and thought I’d have to wear these big boys to the gym.  Um, they are huge.  People would laugh at me.  They would leave the gym talking about the random girl with GIANT headphones.

Pictured next to the Sony’s for size comparison

But luckily I rummaged around some drawers until I found these (also the same kind I ordered today).  An old pair that either Chris or I sent to the graveyard years ago.  I’m pretty sure they’re broken and while they work right now I won’t be surprised if they short out at the gym. But they’re better than wearing headphones that should only exist in time periods when people carried boomboxes on their shoulders.  Wish me luck tomorrow.  I might just have to learn to do cardio without music…gasp.

How’s that for some hot pink?

What else, what else…oh yes.  Dinner.  Leftover brisket with BBQ sauce for dipping, baked beans (with cayenne) and grilled asparagus (with garlic and red pepper flakes). It was delish.

And in other news, everything in our house smells like campfire from the smoker yesterday.  The dishwasher, garbage can, the dish brush, my clothes, my hair…I have showered (twice today!) but I sort of feel like…what’s the point?  We’re going camping on Friday so we’re just going to come home smelling like a fire pit so why not enjoy the smell a little longer instead of fighting it.  FYI did you know one of my favorite smells ever is campfire?  The sign of a good night is when you wake up with hair that reminds you of a bonfire.  Love.

Alright.  That’s it for now.  Hope you all had good Mondays.  Let me know if you have any advice on keeping headphones alive longer and/or any great new songs you’re loving right now.  I need new music and am working on playlists songs.


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